Let the Federal Search Warrants Flow…

Please support your local crusading U.S. Attorney! Yesterday's news, chronicled in the Abuse Tracker by Kathy Shaw, was full of stories about the Federal Grand Jury Investigation of the Diocese of Los Angeles and Cardinal Roger M. Mahony for his alleged role in covering up child molestation by priests.  The grounds on which the grand… Continue reading Let the Federal Search Warrants Flow…

Chance to talk to other Survivors, SNAP Support Groups

I have been doing some travel to the Washington, DC area as part of my job.  The project that I am working on has meetings  scheduled almost every Wednesday.  This has afforded me the opportunity to try to get to a SNAP support group meeting that is conducted by the Virginia Coordinator for SNAP in Falls… Continue reading Chance to talk to other Survivors, SNAP Support Groups

Second and Third Order Effects

When I look back at decisions I have made and actions that I have taken throughout my life thus far, I am struck by the primary, secondary and tertiary effects of those decisions and actions.  (note: if you are a diocesan spokesperson, tertiary is defined as third rank of order or importance, please try to… Continue reading Second and Third Order Effects

Drafting a Letter to Bishop Martino

I am working on drafting a letter to Bishop Martino to address the particulars of my "experiences" with Father Gibson when I was 13.   This has been a difficult letter to write because it not only addresses the nature of the abuse but because I want to also ask him why no investigation has ever been conducted… Continue reading Drafting a Letter to Bishop Martino

Legislative Sessions

Happy New Year! The start of a new year, especially after a major election cycle, is filled with the promise of a new legislative session opening. As is the tradition established in the U.S. Constitution, the new Congress will be sworn in on the first Monday in January. This year that will be on 5… Continue reading Legislative Sessions


I was reading some of the blogs that come from others who share a similar experience. One in particular struck me with a word that I no longer wish to use in my search for answers. The word is adrift. Please excuse an old Navy man for taking exception with this term. Adrift implies that… Continue reading Adrift