The purpose of this blog is to foster a conversation between the victims of sexual abuse, their families, friends and supporters of real reform in the laws that would allow victims to seek justice and the truth from any organization or individual who would try to prevent that.  I have long since given up on any thought of reforming a church that is so completely wrecked by the cancer of child rape and molestation. I would like to use this as a forum to help people come to terms with what has happened and come forward, if they desire to do so.

It is necessary to shine a light on the bishops that protect these predators at the great expense (emotional and physical) of the innocent victims and at an expense (monetary) to the parishioners who support the various dioceses across the country.  I am sure that most Catholics would not want their hard earned cash going to the protection of pedophiles and rapists.  Millions of dollars are spent each year to pay lobbyists and legislators to block the passage of “window” laws.  Millions are also spent in pensions, living expenses and costs of sequestering known predators who have eluded prosecution and are housed in facilities that keep these men in comfortable surroundings outside the reach of the law. Precious little is invested in seeking out and supporting victims in dealing with the betrayal they experienced as children or vulnerable adults.

Ultimately, I want to use this blog as a springboard  to coordinate action and keep the church from sweeping this problem under the rug, as they have in the past.

If you were a victim of Father Robert Gibson, please contact me .

9 thoughts on “Mission”

  1. Hi Michael

    Yep, you are courageous. Muscles on the inside

    I’m going to record and sing soon a beautiful song I wrote about being abused. I’ll let you know when it happens.


  2. To: Mike Baumann

    Dear Mike,

    I was horrified, enraged, and deeply saddened when I read about the abuse you had to endure at Gibson’s hands. It took a lot of courage to make your stand. I endured several very ugly episodes at the hands of the Notre Dame of East Stroudsburg and affiliated clergy that still make me quite bitter.

    Although, nothing as criminal as what you endured. When I was in 5th or 6th grade I was an overnight “guest” of Gibson’s at his Brodheadsville rectory along with Rich. Although nothing criminal happened, I was told that we were welcome to drink some wine if we had a mind to. I was very uncomfortable and was able to avoid follow-up sleep-overs when Rich invited me.

    Additionally, I was physically attacked and choked by Father Peter Crynes on my senior retreat in 1978. That traumatic incident along with several others drove me from catholicism the day I left high school. I still haven’t returned to NDHS although I still live in the area. By the way, Crynes was recently exposed as another admitted child molester.

    I’m very happy to hear about your successful naval career and family. Good for you! I am 100% behind you and I’m proud of your stand against this criminal monster. The catholic hierarchy must be made accountable for the criminals they continue to protect.

    If you have a few minutes shoot me an e-mail.
    Take care of yourself and your family. Sincerely,

    NDHS Class of 1979

  3. Thank You for sharing your story. I understand about abuse as a child. I was 6 and 7 when I was raped.

    The Catholic Church or RCC Roman Catholic Church has been doing this type of cover up for many many years. Just last year in Orange County, California a very good victims attorney named John Manly was close in deposition to having Monseigneur Urell break and spill the beans. Well the good lawyering of the defence attorneys asked the court for a break till Monday. The diocese whisked Urell to London Canada and the Bishop answered to little action by the sitting judge!
    Actions like this make the rape/abuse of children and the new crimes of cover up reprehensible.
    On my death I will not forget the cover up by the PRIESTS/LAWYERS. I will hold all priests personally responsible for the abuse they turned and ran from when victims came a knocking.

  4. I just found your Blog today (10/18/10). Wish I found is sooner. Thanks the courageous statements. I hope you find peace and healing.

  5. It doesnt seem possible that the Father Peter Crynes I knew as a young priest at St. Joseph’s Childrens and Maternity Hospital could do this – I DONT doubt he did but it is hard to understand why a young priest with so much talent got involved in this crap

  6. Today at 2:10 a.m. is my 20th anniversary of abuse – I was a seminarian for the Diocese of Marquette studying at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit. I was dismissed and endured a decade of harassment by these goons but have really worked towards healing. A friend of mine who was a victim of Fr. Hale stated “There are two kinds of priests, those that get caught, and those yet to be caught”

  7. Thank you, Thank you all you brave souls you come forward to help all…I was abducted and raped at 16 by a middle aged man…..my healing process took many, many years (police were contacted right away)……am very active in the church but watched constantly my three children and now they have decided to remain churched…..your testomonials have helped all parents who have thier children churched and have been near these sick men…..my son knew Father Clay when he was at Bishop Hafey……..thank God I knew enough to keep close watch and now my boys and my girl know what to watch for and may protect others from the same victimizing sick situations……

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