I’m back…

It has been a couple of months since I last sat down and worked on this blog.  To be honest I have had a few things on my plate.  There are many changes heading my way this summer, personally and professionally.  More about that in future posts.

In recent months two bloggers I followed have opted to put their blogs aside for a while.  Kay @ City of Angels and Christi at Stop Baptist Predators.  I understand that this is all very overwhelming at times and you need to take a break or make a break to keep from getting sucked under by all this madness.  I will miss both voices and I will say that the online discourse of the topic of sexual crimes committed by clergy will suffer from the loss of these two voices.  I hope that, at some point, we get to hear from both of these voices again.

As for me I will try to get back on the horse and write about what I know.  The Church is still denying and demeaning when they should be held accountable for crimes committed against children and vulnerable adults.  Organizations that claim to support survivors need to reassess their mission and re-look at the rules, tools and methods they employ to support survivors and their families.  Really, at this point, anyone who is looking to fix the church has lost touch with reality.

I had a number of comments and emails sent into the blog while I was off doing what I was doing.  I will try to get to those that I think I can do something about.  I have not deleted any in the last two months although I will probably dispose of those who seek to lay blame on everyone to spare the church from any responsibility in what has happened with the tacit approval of the hierarchy of the church. I will also delete those comments that are just the idle ramblings of the fanatical religious who seek to minimize victims by insinuating that we are associated with all kinds of extremists.   But that is what the church and it’s apologists do.  They attempt to deflect attention away from their crimes by doing public relations slight of hand.

I have not made a decision on hanging up the blog as of yet.  I may get there, this summer is proving to be very difficult already.  For now I am still here.  I hope some of you are still around to read what I put out into the universe.

More soon.