A few thoughts on the Diocese of Scranton’s Annual Appeal and the Collection for the Care and Education of Priests

Rachel, who contributed the only guest post on this blog to date, made an interesting observation on the failure of the Bishop of Scranton to meet the goals for the Diocese Annual Appeal. This year, for the first time, the Diocese came up $274G short of this year's goal of $5.3M. Since the Diocese usually… Continue reading A few thoughts on the Diocese of Scranton’s Annual Appeal and the Collection for the Care and Education of Priests

Father Edward J. Shoback Defrocked!

Articles appearing in Northeastern Pennsylvania newspapers over the past few days as well as an announcement on the Diocese of Scranton web site confirm that the Vatican has defrocked Father Edward J. Shoback. Read the stories at: The Scranton Times Tribune The Citizens Voice The Times Leader Abuse Tracker (where all the coverage is documented)… Continue reading Father Edward J. Shoback Defrocked!

Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School

The business model is reflective of the Catholic Hierarchy, but it is not very Christian in its practice

There is not enough traction

"The Message" is not getting out. The SNAP Conference will be held in Washington next month so I thought I would gather my thoughts on how I see the current landscape in order to help me determine how I will spend my time at plenary sessions and breakout sessions.  In the two years (almost to… Continue reading There is not enough traction

Threats and intimidation

Over time, Gibson became much more controlling and aggressive.  He was less likely to "soften" me up with alcohol and much more forward when he had the opportunity to get me alone.  His initial caring words and expressions of god's love and understanding that what we were doing was good and right and part of… Continue reading Threats and intimidation

First descent into hell

I knew something was wrong.  I was supposed to spend the night at the rectory.  The reason for the stay has long ago left my mind.  Instead of getting on the East Stroudsburg School District bus in front of Notre Dame that would take me to East Stroudsburg High School to allow me to transfer to… Continue reading First descent into hell