Gerry Howard (aka Carmen Sita) Held on $1.5M Bail In Missouri

I received an email from a reader with a link to the Boonville Daily News Website. The story was about the arrest of Gerry Howard also known as Carmen Sita. Mr. Howard has a long history of sexual abuse of children while serving as a Catholic Priest. The story of Mr. Howard is especially heinous… Continue reading Gerry Howard (aka Carmen Sita) Held on $1.5M Bail In Missouri

Catholic Pedophile Protection/Relocation Program Story

There are so many articles about the current antics of the Catholic hierarchy that it is tough to choose what to comment on these days.  I have what I call my “You have to be kidding me file”.  This file, mostly in the memo program of my iTouch, contains some random comments on things that… Continue reading Catholic Pedophile Protection/Relocation Program Story