Outrage over Joe Paterno

Game day! Today will be the final game at Beaver Stadium for many of the seniors on Penn State's storied football program. There are a lot of people who are incensed at the thought of the "indignity" of Coach Paterno's sudden departure without the "well deserved", Happy Valley send off that should go to the… Continue reading Outrage over Joe Paterno

Penn State Trustees to Investigate Sex Crime Case, Really!?

I am not sure if the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is just asleep at the switch or if it is incompetent when it comes to allowing  an institution, in this case, The Pennsylvania State University, to investigate itself.  The Trustees at Penn State are launching an inquiry into the allegations of  sex crimes committed by former Football… Continue reading Penn State Trustees to Investigate Sex Crime Case, Really!?

In Harrisburg, What is Going to Take?

What is it going to take?   Exactly what needs to happen before the people's representatives in Harrisburg allow a vote on a bill to protect children and vulnerable adults?  The judicial committee sits on its collective hands because of lobbyists for the insurance industry and institutions with a history of protecting sexual predators spend millions to prevent Pennsylvania House… Continue reading In Harrisburg, What is Going to Take?