I put a blog post on January 16 entitled 99,601.  I thought it was pretty innocuous, more of a "I'm still out here" piece than anything else.   It drew a vitriolic response from one reader who decided that it was more of an exercise in narcissism and that I should be taking a more vocal stand… Continue reading SNAPpish

And the stuggle goes on…

For Kay, who has fought the fight, done the work and deserves more, from all of us. So much for powering down this blog.  Tonight I get on my soap box that I have piled on top a lot of other soap boxes.   I want to make sure you hear me.  Listening?  Good, here goes...… Continue reading And the stuggle goes on…

Australian Nun to be Patron Saint of Sexually Abused Children

Pope Benedict and the boys are making a dead Australian nun into god's answering machine for victims of sexual abuse by priests and other Catholic religious.

The tyranny of distance and the curse of the Internet

I am frustrated.  Admittedly, some of the frustration comes from a tyranny of distance.  I am in southern Virginia and the diocese that I have an issue with is 400 miles worth of driving north of here.  I would love to have a face to face conversation with the Bishop's advocate so I could look… Continue reading The tyranny of distance and the curse of the Internet

Kay Ebeling is Back on City of Angels 5: Hope 2009

Kay Ebeling was recently fired from her position at LA City Buzz Examiner for pissing off the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  Once again, a bunch of pedophile apologists/protectors were deeply wounded by a person asking hard questions.  Poor babies! Personally, I think you deserve a medal for your struggle against the idiots that continue to… Continue reading Kay Ebeling is Back on City of Angels 5: Hope 2009

Pedophiles are now empowered thanks to the Catholic Church

So take the five thousand (5000) priests identified so far at Bishop Accountability Dot Org ( and say each one had 10 victims average, that is 50 thousand victims there, a rough estimate. Each of those victims affected the lives in some way of another 10 victims, the results multiply exponentially.