Misses the Point

I was checking the dashboard for Off My Knees this evening as a way of getting my mind off of something that has been distracting me all day.  I noticed an increase in the number of hits I was getting off of one post in particular, Parting Company with SNAP.  Granted the total number of hits is less than 10 over the last week or so, it just struck me as odd.  I decided to pull the string and see where the new hits were coming from.

It seems that a blog named “” is using a post I did on my issues with SNAP to support the author, a guy named David Pierre, who is using his site to hawk his books and to raise some money on PayPal. He does this by zealously defending the Catholic Church from Media Bias and the unfair people of the liberal left who are targeting the Catholic Church over the sex abuse crisis.

Mr. Pierre did a hit piece on SNAP and used one of my posts to support his position. While I am still not impressed with the National Leadership of SNAP, I have no tolerance for those in the Catholic Flock who are so focused on the “unfairness” of media coverage of the Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church that they miss the basic problem that there is a SEXUAL ABUSE CRISIS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Mr. Pierre is targeting his attack on the National Director of SNAP, but he fails to come forward with any tangible suggestions on how to deal with the cover-up of sexual crimes against children and vulnerable adults by members of the Catholic Church or laity. For that matter he does not come forward with any suggestions on gathering an ecumenical coalition to fight this pandemic across the various religions or other civic institutions who are not dealing with the crisis. I am not naive enough to say it is a Catholic-only problem, but I will say that the Catholic Church has been a miserable failure at protecting the most vulnerable of believers from predators wearing roman collars. A problem Mr. Pierre fails to address in his “media report”.

Mr. Pierre would be a lot more credible if he was calling for an independent investigation into all credible accusations of sexual abuse by trained, independent investigators. This should not be a threat to the Catholic Church. But the church traditionally stone walls and intimidates and blames the victim. They cry that they are unfairly accused or treated without respect in the media. They tell the faithful that the victims are only seeking money as they pass the collection plate to make sure that the princes of the church live a life of opulence in their palaces. Yes the Catholic Church is the victim here! (adjust your sarcasm settings…)

Mr. Pierre, you should not be using me to make your point, because you really don’t have one as long as your head remains in the sand. Good luck with your money-making enterprise! Funny, it seems to be a very Catholic thing to ask for money after an attempt at character assassination. If you want someone to review your book, drop me a note, I will be happy to read it.  That is, if you don’t mind a “self-professed clergy abuse victim” reading your work.

Eye on the ball, people, eye on the ball!