An application for an apology….

Spin is very important for an organization as large as a Catholic Diocese. In addition to the army of lobbyists they employ to keep legal avenues closed to victims of sexual abuse at the hands of some of their priests, they employ a communications director who serves as the mouthpiece for the organization. What this… Continue reading An application for an apology….

More information on Father Gibson’s Assignments

The following is a little more detail on the assignments of Father Robert J. Gibson,  ordained in the Diocese of Scranton in 1958.  The number of parishes he was assigned to that had schools, either in the parish or asscociated with a parish, is alarming. For the record, I have not received any of this… Continue reading More information on Father Gibson’s Assignments

Unexpected Interaction

I am amazed at the positive response I have been receiving to this blog. I have communicated with people that, unfortunately, share a common bond of having been abused/molested/raped by a member of the clergy or are close to someone that was. I was startled by the similarities in the stories not only of the… Continue reading Unexpected Interaction

I Dare You

At the end of my eighth grade year at Notre Dame JR/SR High School there was an assembly of the eighth grade in a large lecture hall next to the chemistry lab.  This particular room had auditorium seating and a lab table in the front of the room.  At this assembly the "I Dare You"… Continue reading I Dare You

Crossing the lines…

It seems counter intuitive that the Catholic Church would protect pedophiles and seek to silence the victims of sexual abuse.  After all, the church is supposed to be a moral compass guiding us to behave in such a manner as to emulate the life of Christ.  It should be championing those who have suffered and… Continue reading Crossing the lines…


A friend from high school wrote to me recently and offered some thoughts on ways that I could stay connected to my faith.  One of the more interesting and thoughtful of the people I have been fortunate enough to reconnect with, she has afforded me the benefit of being blunt with her thoughts. She reminded… Continue reading Faith

Father Robert Gibson’s Parish Assignments

For years I have been trying to figure out how Father Gibson flew under the radar. I was amazed that he was not listed on one of the websites that identify and chronicle these predators, such as BishopAccountability or SNAP.   He had to have the support and cover afforded by the Diocese to keep him… Continue reading Father Robert Gibson’s Parish Assignments

An Introduction

A recent article in the Scranton Times-Tribune identified another priest in the Diocese of Scranton who has been accused of sexually abusing children. The headline accompanying the story exclaimed, "The Diocese comes clean on Abusive Priest." The Diocese did not really come clean; they were forced to respond to a reporter's inquiry about allegations that… Continue reading An Introduction