More information on Father Gibson’s Assignments

The following is a little more detail on the assignments of Father Robert J. Gibson,  ordained in the Diocese of Scranton in 1958.  The number of parishes he was assigned to that had schools, either in the parish or asscociated with a parish, is alarming. For the record, I have not received any of this information from the Diocese of Scranton. They seem to still be deciding the question of what information should be released on Father Gibson’s assignments. Special thanks to Janet in Kansas for the research she so graciously forwarded to me. (note: The Official Catholic Directory is a snapshot of where priests were assigned as of 1 January of each year. )

1959-65 Scranton, PA St. Paul, 1510 Penn Ave. Priests: John J. Vaughan(Vicar Forane, Dean), Joseph F. Ryan, Joseph R. Doggett(’59), Francis A. Conlan(’60-62), Robert J. Gibson

School: 7 Sisters of the I.H.M. 1 lay teacher 484 pupils High school: 10 Sisters of the I.H.M. 280 pupils
Mission: St. Clare’s School: Sisters of the I.H.M. 7 Lay teacher 1 2215 Washington Ave. 401 pupils.
1966-67 directory not available (

1968-1970 Stroudsburg, PA St. Matthew’s, 200 Brodhead Ave. Priests: Thomas J. Cawley,Robert J. Gibson, John J. Bendik

St Matthews School: 7 Sisters I.H.M. 2 lay teachers 311 pupils Missions: St. Luke’s, Stroudsburg; St. John’s, Bushkill; St. Mark’s, Delaware Water Gap

1971-1974 Stroudsburg, PA St. Luke’s, 906 Main St. Priests: Francis G. Barrett, Robert J. Gibson In residence: John J. Bendik Mission: St. Mark’s, Delaware Water Gap.

St Matthews School, East Stroudsburg, Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School.

1975-82 Brodheadsville, PA Our Lady Queen of Peace Church Priest: Robert J. Gibson
Mission: Jonas, Holy Family. 

School:  Still associated with St. Matthew’s and Notre Dame

1983 Conyngham, PA St. John Bosco Priest: Robert J. Gibson

1984-95 Canadensis, PA St. Bernadette Church Priest: Robert J. Gibson
Mission: Promised Land, Our Lady of Fatima

1996 -1997 Kingston, PA St. Ignatius, 339 N. Maple Ave. Priests: F. Allan Conlan, Glenn E. McGreary, Joseph B. Wilson In res., Robert J. Gibson Chapel—St. Ann’s

1998-2008 Unassigned or leave of absence.  In the case of Fr. Gibson, he was sequestered in the Vianney Renewal Center in Dittmer, Missouri.

During his career he had ample opportunity to “groom” his victims. The diocese claims that there are 4 complaints on record from his time at St Lukes, Our Lady Queen of Peace, St. Bernadettes and finally at St Ignatius. It is interesting that Fr. Gibson was at St John Bosco in Coyningham for a period of only 6 months (September 1982 – February 1983). This is a remarkably short time frame for a pastor to be assigned to a parish! I can only speculate why the Diocese of Scranton would move a pastor after such a short tenure.

4 thoughts on “More information on Father Gibson’s Assignments”

  1. Hi Michael: Father Gibson was an assistant pastor at St. Matthew’s in East Stroudsburg from 1965 until 1968 when St. Luke’s Parish was formed. Then he transferred to St. Luke’s. Regarding St. John Bosco in Conyngham, I heard that the people there complained about Gibson to the Bishop and wanted him out. This is just hearsay, however. I don’t know what the whole strory there was.

    1. I am pretty solid on the timeline I have presented. It goes with the information that is presented in the Official Catholic Register and is backed up by the record of assignments that was provided by the diocese.

  2. I was at St John Bosco…. He was very grumpy and not nice. He was very difficult to get along with. He did not listen to Parishiners. The removal was said to be for what you alluded to: recovery for alcoholism. I was not aware of the other behaviors and problems that certainly are most serious–my prayers are with you and for healing for all.

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