The Tip of the Pedophile Iceburg

Bishop Accountability lists 16 accused and/or convicted sexual predators in the Diocese of Scranton.  News articles that included interviews with Diocesan officials list as many as 9 more who's names are being kept from the public.   If you look at the database for accused priests for Pennsylvania, the number listed is 192. Imagine the depth of the problem if they all had… Continue reading The Tip of the Pedophile Iceburg

Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests

The Vatican issues Screening guidelines for priests, but they failed to issue guidelines to screen out Bishops and other deniers of the Sexual Abuse Scandal. I guess it is one painfully inadequate step at a time for the leadership of the Catholic Church. Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests VATICAN CITY – The Vatican issued… Continue reading Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests

An Introduction

A recent article in the Scranton Times-Tribune identified another priest in the Diocese of Scranton who has been accused of sexually abusing children. The headline accompanying the story exclaimed, "The Diocese comes clean on Abusive Priest." The Diocese did not really come clean; they were forced to respond to a reporter's inquiry about allegations that… Continue reading An Introduction