Father Robert Gibson’s Parish Assignments

For years I have been trying to figure out how Father Gibson flew under the radar. I was amazed that he was not listed on one of the websites that identify and chronicle these predators, such as BishopAccountability or SNAP.   He had to have the support and cover afforded by the Diocese to keep him from prosecution and to keep his actions from becoming public knowledge.  The Diocese, even though they knew he was a predator, returned him to a rectory, albeit not in a pastoral position, and he went back to his old ways.  Given the history the Diocese has with predator priests (16 that we know of), why did they keep returning these men to rectories?

The Diocese of Scranton’s current policy is to occasionally run general notices in church bulletins and the Catholic press.  These bulletin and press notices do not specifically state that Robert Gibson or any other priest by name,  may have been involved in inappropriate activity with children in the parishes in which he was assigned.

I have asked the Victims Advocate at the Diocese of Scranton to provide me with a complete listing of Fr. Gibson’s assignments since while in training and since his ordination in 1958.  I will pass along those details when they are available.

For now, from what I can piece together, he was assigned to the following parishes:

  • St. Matthew’s. East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (1960’s)
  • St. Luke’s, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (early 1970’s)
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace, Brodheadsville Pennsylvania (mid/late 1970’s – 1980’s)
  • St. Bernadette’s, Canadensis, Pennsylvania (1980’s -1990’s)
  • St Ignatius Rectory, Kingston, Pennsylvania (mid 1990’s)

While at St. Matthews, St. Lukes and Our Lady Queen of Peace he was affiliated with St. Matthews Elementary School and Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School, both located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

It was in these parishes and schools where he cultivated his targets.  I think one only needs to look in these locations to find other victims. I am certain they are there.  Can someone tell me why the Diocese of Scranton is not going to these parishes to discuss this issue?

1 thought on “Father Robert Gibson’s Parish Assignments”

  1. Mike…I am so sorry this happened. I just looked out of morbid curiosity if any Priests made the list from St. Matthews and St. Lukes…I saw three. Which is shocking. But then I don’t necessarily remember all their names and didn’t stay in touch with the Churches after High School. Did I miss some?
    Glad that this is finally being adjudicated. Can’t imagine how painful it has been for you.
    Notre Dame Graduate 1978.

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