Edward Gannon, SJ (one of the good guys)

I attended the University of Scranton for my undergraduate studies. This was probably an odd choice given my circumstance as it is a Catholic, Jesuit University. I chose it for a few reasons, some of which were more personal than academic. The school was located about an hour's drive from my family home in the… Continue reading Edward Gannon, SJ (one of the good guys)

Shameful Legacy

The current Bishop of Scranton and his predecessor have a dismal record of dealing with the issue of priest sexual abuse. While these men should have been working hard to tend to their flocks and drive the wolves from the church,  they seem to be proud of the fact that they have kept the financial… Continue reading Shameful Legacy

Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests

The Vatican issues Screening guidelines for priests, but they failed to issue guidelines to screen out Bishops and other deniers of the Sexual Abuse Scandal. I guess it is one painfully inadequate step at a time for the leadership of the Catholic Church. Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests VATICAN CITY – The Vatican issued… Continue reading Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests

Support Groups

I have been looking for an organization that could provide information and guidance in helping me deal with this mess. The obvious group is the Survivor's Network for those Abused by Priests or SNAP. Snap has a pretty comprehensive website with frequent updates on news, legislative updates and events that impact those who have been… Continue reading Support Groups

The Face of My Abuser

I finally downloaded the drivers to get my HP "All in One" to work with VISTA on my laptop. Once I had the scanner working I was able to scan a photo of Father Gibson out of the 1976 Notre Dame High School yearbook. He was listed as the Pastor of Our Lady Queen of… Continue reading The Face of My Abuser

Investigations of Abuse Claims Are Optional?

One would reasonably think that the Diocese would be interested in either vindicating a priest accused of criminal activity or document his activity in an effort to remove him from any environment where he could repeat his behavior.