The Vatican Clarifies the Problem… It’s a GAY thing!

Stupid is as stupid does...  Forrest Gump Just when I thought I could not fit another topic into my "You have to be kidding me" file, the Vatican does something so moronic that it defies comprehension. I recently posted the report of a UN group that cited the Vatican as failing to address the problem… Continue reading The Vatican Clarifies the Problem… It’s a GAY thing!

Child Abuse and the Holy See, A UN Report

The UN Human Rights Council has recently released a report on the failure of the Holy See, to adequately take action to protect children.  Add the following report to the list of organizations that see the Catholic church not only as a failure in protecting children but as a willing conspirator to downplay the size… Continue reading Child Abuse and the Holy See, A UN Report

Why Did the Bishop of Scranton Resign?

I am providing a link to the article " Why Did the Bishop of Scranton, PA  Resign?" The article appears on the Nation Catholic Reporter on 14 September 2009.  This article lays out a cogent explanation of why Bishop Martino was allowed to retire/forced out of the curia in Scranton.  While I have my own… Continue reading Why Did the Bishop of Scranton Resign?

Tim Fischer

There is a bond that connects many survivors of sexual abuse by clergy.  I wish I could pin it down and tell you what it is. It is far more than a shared experience or knowing the depth of the anguish that comes from holding a secret as horrible as this for all these years.… Continue reading Tim Fischer

More from the “You have to be kidding me file…”

Once again I find myself spending my lunch break looking at Kathy Shaw's "Abuse Tracker" to get up to speed on the latest news.  Today there was a blog piece discussing the recent ordination of a registered sex offender at a church in Kentucky. The Blogger, who goes by the pseudonym of "De Facto", describes… Continue reading More from the “You have to be kidding me file…”

A Clear Voice Reemerges From the Desert

I know "Off My Knees" has its fits and starts. One of the things I have lamented about before in some of my posts was that, occasionally, bloggers go silent.  Sometimes that silence is for a short period of time, sometimes their blogs become what my wife calls "cobweb sites". This week I was very… Continue reading A Clear Voice Reemerges From the Desert

Catholic Pedophile Protection/Relocation Program Story

There are so many articles about the current antics of the Catholic hierarchy that it is tough to choose what to comment on these days.  I have what I call my “You have to be kidding me file”.  This file, mostly in the memo program of my iTouch, contains some random comments on things that… Continue reading Catholic Pedophile Protection/Relocation Program Story