Why Did the Bishop of Scranton Resign?

I am providing a link to the article ” Why Did the Bishop of Scranton, PA  Resign?”

Resignation Press Conference
L to R, Auxiliary Bishop Dougherty, Cardinal Rigali and Bishop Martino

The article appears on the Nation Catholic Reporter on 14 September 2009.  This article lays out a cogent explanation of why Bishop Martino was allowed to retire/forced out of the curia in Scranton. 

While I have my own reasons for being happy to see him go, I think that a thorough cleaning of the staff of the Chancery needs to be completed.  The next bishop should address problems head on, including the problem of pedophile priests, past and present who continue to enjoy the protection and financial support of this diocese at the expense of the parishioners. 

You have to appreciate the facial reactions in the above photo of Scranton Auxiliary Bishop John M. Dougherty (whose resignation was also announced)  and Philadelphia Cardinal Justin Rigali.  They don’t look like they are buying Bishop Martino’s comments either.   

It is time to open the records and come clean on the damage that was done to children and vulnerable adults at the hands of  sexual predator priests and the cover up that followed.  That cover up continues to this day.

The parishioners of the Diocese of Scranton need to ask from where all the money to protect pedophiles is being drawn.  Ask what programs are suffering to keep the great, terrible secret from seeing the light of day.

News Flash….  The Sex Abuse Scandal is not over!

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