Gabriel Byrne Interview Reveals Sexual Abuse as a Child

Gay Byrne conducted an interview with actor Gabriel Byrne, where the Irish actor discusses sexual and physical abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers. The interview is available at The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne. An article on the story is available from The Independent. I think this interview is well worth your… Continue reading Gabriel Byrne Interview Reveals Sexual Abuse as a Child

New Allegations of Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Scranton

From the Associated Press this morning: Scranton Catholic schools superintendent investigated over sex abuse allegation By The Associated Press January 12, 2010, 11:20AM SCRANTON, Pa. — A northeastern Pennsylvania prosecutor is looking into a sex abuse allegation against the superintendent of schools for a Roman Catholic diocese. Luzerne County District Attorney Andy Jarbola said Monday… Continue reading New Allegations of Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Scranton

Vatican Rules predate Vatican II

I am posting a brilliant article from an Irish website called The Post.IE by Vincent Browne.   The article is another example of how clueless the hierarchy of the Catholic Church continues to be.  It also lays out that the efforts to keep the activities of pedophile priests under wraps has been a long-established Vatican policy.  For those… Continue reading Vatican Rules predate Vatican II

There are message boards and networking sites for just about everything, so it was not a big surprise a few weeks ago when I stumbled on The site claims that they are  "For Purity and Tradition in Catholicism".  The site caters to the ultra conservative, Latin Rite wing of the Roman Catholic Church and… Continue reading