There are message boards and networking sites for just about everything, so it was not a big surprise a few weeks ago when I stumbled on The site claims that they are  “For Purity and Tradition in Catholicism”.  The site caters to the ultra conservative, Latin Rite wing of the Roman Catholic Church and is a treasure trove of information about the Latin Rite mass and pre-Vatican II worship services.

One of the disturbing aspects of the site is that it is used by some to foment hate and whip up passions against anyone who seems to be in opposition to some of the more vocal and narrow-minded contributors to the site.  Our old friend, “Chairman Dave” used this site to repost his ranting letter about me that appears in the “intolerance” section of the Sts. Peter and Paul Mission website.  Reading through the boards of this site I found a disturbing trend.  If someone submits an opinion that is in disagreement with some of the more prolific contributors they are attacked personally.  The merits of the debate are lost in the campaign of character assassination practiced by these most “devout” Christians.

It amazes me that people who claim to be in communion with their savior are the first to viciously attack anyone who would dare to offer a different opinion.  These are the same people who have no problem hiring priests who have been banned from ministry by the Roman Catholic Church for deviant sexual behavior or have been convicted of downloading and looking at child pornography in the rectory on church computers.

I invite you to read along to get a better sense of those who harbor predator priests in their midst.  This kind of apologist is as dangerous as the Bishop who moves the same kind of predator from parish to parish.  I bet Gabriel Tetherow is giddy with the good fortune he has found in the desperation of this rogue sect of ultra conservative Catholics. I hear that Father Robert Timchak, another Diocese of Scranton priest who has fallen from grace, may be looking for a job on the breakaway mission circuit.

Children are at risk in York, Pennsylvania.  Children are at risk as long as the mission allows Gabriel Tetherow continues to masquerade as a Catholic priest.

A Few Last Thoughts on the Chairman of Sts. Peter and Paul Mission’s Hateful Letters and Articles

By Michael Baumann

It strikes me as odd that the website of a “Roman Catholic Mission” would post correspondence laden with hate, distortion, personal attacks, and falsehoods.  The schismatic organization’s website is used as a launching pad for letters to officials of the Diocese of Harrisburg, editors and other individuals who have seen fit to have an opinion that differs from the lay leadership of the mission, notably, Dr. David M. Drew. Dr. Drew signs his correspondence as the chairman of the mission. Dr. Drew has a particular penchant for declaring that his detractors have some deeply rooted psychological problem (although he is quick to state that he is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist) that keeps them from seeing the truth of his religious diatribes. He uses his mission’s website to belittle and dismiss while wrapping himself in the cloak of a defender of the one true Catholic Faith. If you want to read some of his rambling epistles may I recommend the following:

You get the point.  Other letters and articles are available for review if you have the time and inclination to sort through the combative and dismissive prose favored by Dr. Drew.  What I have found, and it seems especially true here,  is that the more shrill the messenger, the more lost the message.  That is as true of Dr. Drew’s rants against anyone with an opinion contrary to his as it is with another leader of a congregation that embraces the practice of personal attacks to show its love of God and the compassion of its leaders.  The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas comes to mind. There seems to be a similar playbook in use. The fact remains that Dr. Drew has hired, for his “Mission,” at least two priests over the years who have been ordered to stop representing themselves as priests and have been prohibited from active ministry by the Diocese of Scranton because of credible allegations of deviant sexual misconduct.  The two priests are Father Marshall Roberts and Father Gabriel Tetherow.  Tetherow is still active at the “mission.”  While Dr. Drew is quick to attack me and others as being cowards and liars or declaring that we are suffering from deeply rooted psychological problems, he has no problem hiring deviant priests who have been kicked to the curb for their perverted activities. It is from these gutters that Chairman Drew recruits his clergy. Funny, Chairman Drew is quick to assail his detractors, but he is willing to allow predator priests to be in the company of his congregation’s children. I guess that speaks more to his values than any of the venom and vitriol he has spit onto the website of his Mission.  Perhaps people would be more sympathetic and supportive of the reasons for establishing this Mission if the message conveyed from the mission’s website was respectful, compassionate and solidly rooted in the faith that mission’s congregation seems to profess.  For now, the public face of the mission is one of intolerance.  I hope the members of the group take that negative public face into consideration when selecting their next chairman. Dr. Drew seems to feel that my problem is that I do not practice my faith.  Perhaps the problem is that he does not live his. I will let you know what else comes up, other people have taken an interest in looking into the workings of this organization and its sympathetic hiring practices towards pedophiles and fans of child pornography.