The Tip of the Pedophile Iceburg

Bishop Accountability lists 16 accused and/or convicted sexual predators in the Diocese of Scranton.  News articles that included interviews with Diocesan officials list as many as 9 more who’s names are being kept from the public.   If you look at the database for accused priests for Pennsylvania, the number listed is 192. Imagine the depth of the problem if they all had 5 victims, 10 victims, 15 victims. Do the math and be as sickened by this as I am.

From personal experience, I know that the list is not complete.  I had to work to get my perpetrator priest listed.   The Diocese of Scranton had known of his activities as early as the 1990’s, at least that is what they will admit to.  With the knowledge that he was dangerous, they kept his name quiet and sequestered him in a facility that caters to the housing of priests who probably should be in the state prison system.  How many other priests are they sheltering?  How many of those priests are in parishes or parochial schools right now with access to children?

I want to believe that the majority of priests serving in parishes are doing good work, that they are following a call to service.  But I also think that priests are choosing to not speak up and challenge a system that victimizes the most vulnerable of the church’s followers.  Not only children (of both sexes) are at risk but, vulnerable adults as well.  To do so would put them at odds with their bishops and would perhaps negatively affect their ability to be effective.  I also believe that there are priests that have made reports but those reports were kept quiet and no action was taken.  Those priests have an obligation to force the issue in whatever manner is necessary to protect children and force their diocese to do the right thing.   

There are priests that saw what was going on and made the conscious decision to not do the right thing.  They had knowledge, either first hand or from credible sources but have chosen to keep that information quiet.   Some of those men are now in positions of authority.  I am not sure how they sleep at night.  Imagine a Monsignor who as a young priest decided to take no action when he encountered another priest sexually abusing a child.  How can a man simply turn around and leave the room closing the door behind him?  The more I hear the stories from other victims, especially from those who have the same perpetrator as I, the more clear it all becomes to me.  These people have no shame, they have no honor and they have no right to call themselves men of god.  I know who you are, I know what you have concealed in order to get ahead.  Others do as well.  Remember that when you look out on the congregation on Sunday.  More and more of those eyes know the truth.

The Diocese of Scranton keeps it’s dirty little secrets by offering small settlements, stipends, or garnishment of the perp priest’s retirement check.  In order to garner such a settlement, it is their practice to have the victim sign a confidentiality statement, no doubt they want to keep the victim silent or to have them parrot that the settlement was completed amicably.  They are quick to point out that Statutes of Limitations have expired and that they have no obligation to help those who need help.  No obligation?  Seriously, how can they actually say that?

I have been told that Father Gibson is a sick man.  No kidding, you really think I haven’t known that for years!  They want me to feel sorry for him because he allegedly suffers from dementia.  Perhaps the gods are prepping him for his special place in hell.  I feel nothing for him, no sympathy, no compassion, no need for revenge.  My anger is solely reserved for those who knew what was happening and did nothing.  They are the true enablers of evil and they are hiding behind roman collars and the good intentions of parishioners who have chosen to remain blind.

The church is dying.  The pope recently lifted the ex-communications of priests who actively deny the holocaust and spout antisemetic statements as vile as any skinhead.  Gutsy move for a pope of German lineage!  I wonder if that apple did not fall far from the family tree.  The only way to save Catholicism from the fools that currently run the church in Rome and in Dioceses around the world is for the laity to take a more active role,  allow for the ordination of women and allow priests to marry.

How many more children and vulnerable adults will be sacrificed on the altar of religious power and influence before the laws of this country are modified to enable victims to have their day in court and to see justice done?  One more is too many.

7 thoughts on “The Tip of the Pedophile Iceburg”

  1. So many church officials want this legacy to go away. Many Catholics want to believe the sex abuse atrocity is old news and water under the bridge. What you have written here is despite the church’s new programs the framework for abuse and cover-up is still very much in place. The attitudes of the predominantly gay bishops and priests is that of fear. They know they are vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by sex predators. They have compromised their authority because of their sexual double lives and they are out of control. Only we can protect our children and vulnerable adults. This issue is not over until the very last survivor says it is over. Keep the pressure on for the whole truth to be exposed and the chance for every survivor to voice their suffering and to find justice and healing.

  2. Men appointed bishops take a solemn oath never to admit to anything that would bring infamy to the Church. These men have “circled the wagons,” in fidelity to their oaths. As a result, they apologize profusely, but admit to nothing. Good luck trying to break through this Red, Scarlet and White wall of silence.

  3. You have my support.

    The church’s actions clearly show that it is in touch with something other than the god the people expect or the god this failed religion speaks of. When perverted incomplete men such as these fail as they have and as they will blindly continue to fail. Gods representative? What a perverse joke these abusers and users have played on society for centuries. Let their futile struggles to defend the indefensible crime of child rape be long, painful and maddening for them. Bringing these social monsters to account provides hope for all those deceived and abused by these incomplete men. There is no halfway point on this, the safety of children from sexual abusers and their enablers says that if you fail to speak out against these atrocities then you are as incomplete as the perpetrators, enablers and deniers. Let justice rain down on the heads of these pedophiles and their enablers and supporters.

  4. I was sexually abused by a priest from the Diocese of Scranton on Easter Sunday back in 1973 when I was 11 years old. My perpetrator was removed from the priesthood in 2004 but his name has never been listed with Bishop Accountability. I’ve dealt with the Victim Assitance Coordinator who is nice but she is nothing more than a doormat in the hierarchy. Is it worth putting forth the effort to get my perpetrator listed with Bishop Accountability?

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