Connecting the dots…

Abuse thrives in an environment of secrecy! These people are enablers of abuse as long as they keep the Bishops' secrets.

Marquette Diocese Clergy Watch Blog

Kelly is back up and blogging.  You can catch up with her recent  posts at Marquette Diocese Clergy Watch. Please give her the courtesy of a close read. You will find that the attitudes of the dioceses across the country seem to be aligned. How sad! When are Catholics finally going to take control of… Continue reading Marquette Diocese Clergy Watch Blog

Another Jurisdiction Heard From

A detective from Orlando contacted me yesterday to tell me that they could not prefer charges against Father Gibson for the event that occurred when he brought me to Disney World in the summer of 1974.  This was not a surprise to me.  The statute of limitations had long since expired on Father Gibson. What… Continue reading Another Jurisdiction Heard From

Correspondence with the Bishop

I have been corresponding with the Bishop of Scranton. The exchange has been frustrating, infuriating and absolutely exhausting. I firmly believe that words are important, that words have meaning. If you have read anything I have written in the previous 39 posts I have put in this blog, it should be of no surprise to… Continue reading Correspondence with the Bishop

Holy Watergate

[clearspring_widget title="SnagFilms Film Widget" wid="4837b4759c19ccae" pid="49b730efe491675a" width="300" height="250" domain=""] The link to the film "Holy Watergate" was sent to me by Rachel in a comment she was kind enough to leave on one of my earlier posts. The film is very powerful and it definitely deserves to be front and center in the consciousness of… Continue reading Holy Watergate

Pedophiles are now empowered thanks to the Catholic Church

So take the five thousand (5000) priests identified so far at Bishop Accountability Dot Org ( and say each one had 10 victims average, that is 50 thousand victims there, a rough estimate. Each of those victims affected the lives in some way of another 10 victims, the results multiply exponentially.