Another Jurisdiction Heard From

A detective from Orlando contacted me yesterday to tell me that they could not prefer charges against Father Gibson for the event that occurred when he brought me to Disney World in the summer of 1974.  This was not a surprise to me.  The statute of limitations had long since expired on Father Gibson.

What surprised me was when the detective offered that his department regularly receives reports similar to mine  about priests that bring their young victims to the “Happiest Place on Earth” to get their jollies off.

Maybe someone should file a freedom of information act request to collect all the letters notifying the District Attorney about pedophiles priest who have come into the jurisdiction with children.  I am sure the results  would be startling. I am sure the Catholic Church would fight that with a vigor usually reserved for protecting children.  Oh wait, check that, they are not interested in protecting children.

Maybe I should start researching the number of letters that are sent by the diocese to jurisdictions around attractions like Disneyland, Disney World and major amusement parks.!

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