Silence on the net…

It has been a while...  I have been struggling with some major issues in my life as of late.  Matters involving my family and what is best for them, my job situation, and my own personal happiness are the priority.    The blog  just did not make the top of the priority list (or the middle for that matter) lately.… Continue reading Silence on the net…


While I have been a little under the weather recovering from a minor surgical procedure last week, I have been looking at some unfinished business.  So let me cover a couple of updates in this post before the night gets away from me. Still nothing official from SNAP.  The post that I put up over… Continue reading Updates

Pandora’s Box

It seems that my last post opened Pandora's Box.  What I thought was going to be an expression of the reasons for my exit from SNAP turned into a flash point for people for and against the way SNAP operates.  I have received more email on both sides of this discussion than I expected.  It… Continue reading Pandora’s Box

Parting Company with SNAP

Update:  If you are coming into this blog post from click here to see my response to Mr. Pierre's use of my post to support his attack on SNAP. I began writing this post over a month ago. It was put aside as my attention went to other, more important events in my life.… Continue reading Parting Company with SNAP

Posting the Pope not for everyone

I have received some feedback on the campaign to reply to Pope Benedict XVI's letter to the Irish people (Dear Mr. Ratzinger: Letters from Ireland, ). Some have enthusiastically embraced the idea and plan to write a note to the Pontiff to express their opinion of his prose to the Irish nation. Others think it… Continue reading Posting the Pope not for everyone

The Pedophile Sex Crisis in the Catholic Church Continues, Despite All Efforts by the Vatican to Make You Think Otherwise

Anyone who has watched network or cable news, read a newspaper, logged on to a blog or a news website in the past couple of weeks has been inundated with information of the Catholic Sex Crisis.  (I keep calling it a crisis, because "scandal" just doesn't start to cover it. )  New revelations of bishops… Continue reading The Pedophile Sex Crisis in the Catholic Church Continues, Despite All Efforts by the Vatican to Make You Think Otherwise

Looking for Survivors of Peter J. Dunne, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

I recieved an email today from a SNAP leader up in Pennsylvania. A survivor in Iowa is looking for information on the predator that abused him as a child. The name of the predator priest is Peter J. Dunne of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This particular priest is a real piece of work. I am… Continue reading Looking for Survivors of Peter J. Dunne, Archdiocese of Philadelphia