I am not the only militant talking about Bishop Bambera.

I don’t get much feedback from those who come to this blog. There are times when I think it would be easier to drive to Virginia Beach (I live in Southeastern Virginia) and yell at the tide rolling in than to write posts (and rewrite them repeatedly).

Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the Bishop of Scranton holding another “Healing Mass” for survivors. As with a similar post the year before, I pointed out that he did not invite any survivors. This was one of my “Captain Obvious” moments. The Bishop of Scranton lacks the courage to meet face to face with survivors in a setting that he cannot control. One can only imagine why someone this spineless was rewarded with a ring, miter, and crozier.

I counted 14 attendees, aside from the Bishop’s entourage, who made it to the matinee. They are packing them in the Cathedral!

What was most surprising in the wake of the post was an email I received requesting a quick interview on a piece being prepared for Church Militant. Unfortunately, the offer was perishable. He wanted a couple of 15-20 second comments, on video, from me to use in the report. He needed that “within the hour.” I saw his 10:43 a.m. email as I left my office after 5 o’clock that evening.

Church Militant, a conservative Catholic news website that is not controlled by the Catholic Church, did a short news report based on my blog posts, released on the same day I received the email looking for comments. They didn’t interview me. They used quotes from the blog posts on the “Healing Masses” from 2021 and 2022. I was a little surprised, to be honest. But it was fine with me. I was happy to see someone else asking the same questions I have been posing here since 2008.

The Church Militant report was also listed on NovaMedia and Catholic Headline Agency. It is reassuring that someone else is noting the hypocrisy within the Diocese of Scranton. I still don’t understand why parishioners in the Diocese of Scranton accept Bambera’s support for sexual predators. Why haven’t they run Bambera and his minions out of town? To those of you in Northeastern Pennsylvania, why are you not outraged by this Bishop? Really, I would like to know.

2 thoughts on “I am not the only militant talking about Bishop Bambera.”

  1. Michael. I love your blog and posts. Your words sound so right, so truthful. With all the BS presented to me day in and day out, your words provide a respite. I feel better/safer reading them.

    I’ve lost some of my “fight”. Not sure what happened to bring this. I wish I had your outrage.

    Thank you for all t you’re doing.

    Mark Fuller (CT)

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  2. Priests don’t do anything because they lack courage. As soon as they do or even say something, they will be banished. I said that the bishop’s response to the upcoming Grand Jury report treats it as a nothing more than a public relations issue. I did it in a PRIVATE EMAIL to the bishop and I was called in for chastisement literally within few hours (I was shocked that he had time to read my email within such a short time). This “brazen” email of mine was part of the official reason for the bishop reffering me for a psychiatric evaluation at St. John Vianney.

    As for the people, I guess people tend to do nothing unless it hits close to home. Also, perhaps a lack of leader to organize them.

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