Diocese of Scranton, you are being Bamb(era)oozled again!

The Bishop of Scranton has whispered to the bulletin-reading faithful in the Diocese of Scranton. The Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera, Bishop of Scranton, has put forward his annual “Healing Mass for Survivors of Abuse” on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

Bishop Bambera

The prelate of Slocum’s Hollow has chosen to have another Thursday matinee to promote “justice and healing for survivors of abuse.” Does anyone else see the irony in all this? Or is it just me?

Bishop Bambera covered up “Father” Robert Gibson’s crimes and sent him back into a parish when he was Bishop Timlin’s lackey. Bishop Bambera ordained “Father” Gregory Loughney (his first ordination, by the way) and is now silent about Loughney’s trip into the “rabbit hole” while trying to lure two fifteen-year-old boys to his house. Bishop Bambera was oddly quiet when Ed Lock, former Music director at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Wilkes Barre, tried to lure a fifteen-year-old boy to his home for sex at midnight. This is the Bishop holding an off-cycle mass on a weekday for survivors. It is a check in a box of a false narrative. He is complicit in all of the abuse. He does not care for victims or their families.

He has not invited survivors, just like in last year’s theater of the absurd. An announcement on an obscure diocesan calendar buried in the website doesn’t cut it. The bottom line in a church bulletin is not an invitation to survivors.

If Bishop Bambera had any sense of moral courage, he would call survivors personally to invite us to hear his public apology. What will happen will involve the VAC standing at the door of the Cathedral with a book of photos of “non-compliant” survivors, denying anyone the Diocese has declared a threat entry into what will be a poorly attended, little-noticed drama.

Survivors, their families, friends, and supporters should attend this performance. They should stand silently in the pews to let the Bishop know we are here and we are not buying his brand of false contrition. The cameras will be tight on the altar to give the illusion that Bishop Bambera is speaking to a packed Cathedral. He will likely be talking to a few Altar and Rosary Society members.

If Survivors do show up, I would expect a personal invitation will be issued to the Scranton Police Department to escort them from the Cathedral. It is private property, after all.

Bishop Bambera, you have my number. I am waiting for your call.

4 thoughts on “Diocese of Scranton, you are being Bamb(era)oozled again!”

  1. Awesome. Truthful. Healing. You have a great way with Truth and words.

    Mark Fuller (CT)

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