“Deliver Us From Evil” Trailer

This documentary is a must see for anyone who does not believe that the Catholic Church has completely failed at dealing with the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal.  I highly recommend renting this movie.

1 thought on ““Deliver Us From Evil” Trailer”

  1. Michael

    Thank you for posting something that makes me want vomit.

    I totally support the disclosure of child sex abusers hiding in the church. May more men and woman have the courage to stand up and ask those in the church that have betrayed the trust placed in them to come forward and be accountable.

    The silence of individuals who have been sexually abused by members of the church, that cannot face the trauma of their past unfortunately only assists the molesters in robes professing to followers of Jesus.

    Whether we are religious or not, it is important that we ask that good men and women claim back and take responsibility for the churches, then we will know that others children will be safe

    I personally did not like be raped by members of the Catholic church at 11 years old, so I assume most other normal people of average intelligence would find the idea quite vile themselves.


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