Patron Saint Nomination for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Priests

Since the Catholic Church is unable or unwilling to do the right thing when it comes to the victims of sexual crimes perpetrated by pedophile priests, it is obvious that we need someone looking out for us. What we need is a patron saint who is suited to intercede against the powers the inhabit the residences of bishops and archbishops around the world who are too obsessed with maintaining their power base and safeguarding their treasure from being used for good works.

Saint Rita
Saint Rita

This person would need to be strong, impervious to the earthly power from the Vatican (and other church leaders) and willing to suffer endlessly in hopes that something good will come of the current Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal. We need a true victim’s advocate interceding with God in order to allow grace to pass to those who are in positions to expose  predators and allow truth to prevail.

The choice is obvious. I nominate Saint Rita. Appropriately, she is currently the patroness of impossible cases. With her intercession, the bishops who continue to protect pedophiles will return to a life of obedience and charity. With any luck she will be able to silence the noise from lawyers, accountants, lobbyists and politicians to allow bishops to hear the voice of God. Perhaps then they will realize that what is needed is action and compassion rather than adherence to policies that continue to damage those who have already suffered enough.

Saint Rita, pray for us! (Her Feast Day is celebrated on May 22nd.)

1 thought on “Patron Saint Nomination for Victims of Sexual Abuse by Priests”

  1. this sounds like a great idea, there should be some prayers said specifically for this, some rosaries dedicated, something, anything. Thanks for making the point without being too disturbing. I’m going to pray/think/contemplate/research/study/try to do something about this

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