Diocese of Scranton Continues to Hide Pedophile Priests

The Diocese of Scranton has more pedophiles in the closet. Obviously they don’t want you, the parishioners of the Diocese, the media or law enforcement to be aware of any of this.

The latest name to be added to the Diocese of Scranton’s growing list of pedophiles is Father Austin E. Flanagan.  Father Flanagan (not of Boy’s Town Fame) was allegedly removed from his “priestly” duties by the Diocese of Scranton a few years ago after allegations that the priest had molested boys.  Flanagan is thought to still be living in Scranton. There is an address listed for him on Spruce Street in Scranton, at the old Hotel Jermyn.

Flanagan was reported to the Diocese of Scranton for molesting two boys over Easter Weekend in 1973 while he was assigned to St. Mary’s in Avoca.  One of the victims from that weekend met with the Diocese in 2005 and was  given assurances by the Diocesan representatives present that Flanaghan was not acting as a priest any more.   As usual, those Diocesan representatives employed the usual strong arm tactics preferred by the Chancery.  The victim was told that the priest did not remember him and that it was the victim’s word against the priest’s. (It seems to be a common that pedophiles under the protection of the Bishops of Scranton are prone to suffer bouts of selective amnesia or suffer from dementia.)  Given that this meeting was conducted after the USCCB’s Charter dictating the standards of conduct in relation to the still growing child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church were promulgated, the Chancery’s behavior exhibited a complete disregard for the problem still plaguing the Catholic Church today. Since Bishop Martino has stated publicly that “No USCCB document is relevant in this diocese,” and “The USCCB doesn’t speak for me.”. It is not surprising that he and his organization is conducting themselves as a rogue diocese. This may be bad news for parishioners in the diocese, but it must be a reassuring comfort to pedophiles and their supporters/apologists.

Bishop Martino was not at the meeting with this victim.  One of his minions offered the excuse that he was on “pastoral business”.   If it was a Thursday, I am sure he was in Philadelphia.  Perhaps he was trying to figure out how to keep his growing crop of pedophiles happy, safe and living in the security of his all powerful protection.  Maybe he was sizing up the next generation of alter boys. He must have a reason to support these criminals, perhaps he is sympathetic for more sinister reasons. The reader is invited to draw his or her own conclusions.

The Diocese of Scranton has been callous in their handling of sex abuse cases in the past.  In the case of Father Flanagan, he had admitted to other cases of “inappropriate touching” which allegedly led to his removal from active ministry.  He was not, however, turned over to law enforcement for prosecution on sex crimes.  This is a Diocesan violation of the USCCB rules (of course, they don’t apply to the Diocese of Scranton). The Diocese still protects its own.

The victim in this case did get assistance, but only after the intervention of the Diocese of Phoenix, his current home diocese.  The Diocese in Scranton had to be forced to do the right thing, minimal as that action was. They seem to be unable to grasp the concept of doing the right thing as a rule.  Yes, these people are the moral compass of their flock.  It is no wonder there is such dissension in the flock, they are still as adrift as their hapless, criminal leadership.

How many more priests is Bishop Martino protecting?  How many more crimes have the Bishops of Scranton concealed over the years?  Until there is an independent criminal investigation into the ongoing cover up on Wyoming Avenue, the Diocese of Scranton remains a haven for pedophiles and is not safe for children or vulnerable adults. This Blog has identified Father Gibson (my abuser), Father Houston and now Father Flanagan as pedophiles/molesters/rapists that have been supported by the Diocese of Scranton. All three had successfully flown under the radar with the assistance of the Chancery. If you know of more men being protected by the Bishop of Scranton, email me. I will be happy to get their names out to the public and see if we can get them listed on Bishop Accountability’s list of accused priests.

I sent emails to the Diocese of Scranton’s Victims’ Advocate, Joan Holmes, and the Communications Director, William Gennello, for a comment on Father Flanagan.  I heard back from Mrs. Holmes, but only with a change of email address notification.  Mr. Gennello has not returned the email as of the time of this post.  I suspect he is preparing the Diocese next set of lies and half truths at the behest of Bishop Martino. I also suspect that the shredder is working overtime on Wyoming Avenue to cover up the criminal activity of the Diocese.

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