Intriguing Referrer

Part of managing this blog is checking on the dashboard to see if anyone is reading what I post. In some cases I can see the referrers that bring readers to my blog. Of interest on the list of referrers, in the last few days especially, is Behan Communications. Behan Communications is a Public Affairs, Public Relations and Marketing Firm based in Albany, New York who count the New York State Catholic Conference Policy Group and the Diocese of Albany as clients. The NY Catholic Conference is the public policy voice for the Catholic Church in the State of New York.  The NYSCC is the Cardinal’s (Archdiocese of New York)  mouthpiece in the war on protecting the kingdom and it’s treasure from the serfs that fill the pews and pay the bills for the fancy houses, big cars, snazzy outfits and the expenses involved with keeping pedophiles comfortable in the Empire State.

I am sure that the good folks at Behan are following the legislative proceedings in the State Capital very closely. I will assume that part of having the New York State Catholic Conference as a client is supporting the Pro-Pedophile, Anti-victim/survivor posture adopted by most diocese in the United States. No doubt they will actively lobby for legislation that is ineffective and allows the Bishops to continue to obstruct justice and protect pedophile while utilizing the donations of parishioners to accomplish those tasks. I wonder if they are paid in 30 pieces of silver increments?

Behan Communications advertises litigation support services “to help businesses and institutions respond to the adverse publicity and provide sound, protective and accurate information to shareholders, employees, customers and the media while protecting their legal positions, Behan Communications’ litigation support practice works closely with our clients’ attorneys in civil and criminal courts“.  In other words, they are spin masters.  They put lipstick on pigs for a living.  (I apologize to any pig that may be insulted by any comparison, real or implied, to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the United States, Ireland, the Vatican or any other part of the world or underworld).

I can only surmise that Behan will be working tirelessly to support their Diocesan client in denying their role in the Catholic Sex Scandal and isolating the victims of clerical sex abuse. A question posed on their website seems to say it all. “If you win in court, but lose in the court of public opinion, have you really won?”  When it comes to pedophile priests and the Bishops that protect them, I think the jury in the court of public opinion has already rendered a verdict.

I do appreciate the page views, thanks guys!

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