Statute of Limitations Reform…

I was sent the link to an article from a legal website by a reader on “window legislation” and how it is evolving in the fight on child sex abuse.

Yes, it is another homework assignment!  You should read “The Maturing of a Movement: Statute of Limitations Reform for Sex Abuse Victims” by Marci A. Hamilton

Next we need to start looking at the states that have not stepped up to the plate to support the protection of children from predators, be they priests, nuns, rabbis, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, etc…  There is no excuse for any state house across the country to refrain from taking action.  No state has been immune from the child sex scandal in the Catholic Church, other organizations are also concealing similiar atrocities. It is time to stand up and be active in advocating for legislation in every state. 

For me, I have an interest in this debate in 4 states.  If you have read my blog you are familiar with my perp’s activities, at my expense,  in Pennsylvania, Florida and New York. I know he took others across states lines as well.  Of those 3 states, New York has active legislation working through the New York State Assembly in Albany.  They may actually be voting today (June 16).  

Virginia State Capitol, Richmond Virginia
Virginia State Capitol, Richmond Virginia

I currently reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia.   I think it is time that I  start knocking on the Virginia State Capitol doors in Richmond.  Upon which door should you be knocking?

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