Heading to the SNAP Conference

I am leaving in the morning for Crystal City, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.. The SNAP Conference starts tomorrow evening. I will be at the conference all weekend. If you read this blog and are heading to the conference, please seek me out. I would love to put faces with names.

I am going with an open mind and a hope that I will come away from this on Sunday with a renewed sense of purpose, a more focused strategy on dealing with legislation, diocesan officials who don’t get it and the seeds of posts for this blog.

I am hoping to get some posts up while I am at the conference and I will be using twitter from my iTouch during the day (I am assuming the hotel is WiFi capable). My twitter information is on the top of the left hand sidebar of this post. You can send me tweets if you have questions or comments.

See you in D.C.

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