New York Child Victims Act

If you live in New York State or know someone that lives in New York State, please go the New York Child Victims Act website and sign the online petition to support passage of this very important legislation.

Despite the propaganda being distributed by the Catholic Church in New York and their proxies, this act is designed to allow victims of childhood sexual crimes to seek justice. The act will allow for an expanded statute of limitation that will allow victims time to bring civil suits in cases where credible reports of sexual crimes exist.

The act does not specifically target the Roman Catholic Church. However, the Catholic Church is putting on a full court press to prevent passage of this act because they are afraid of the consequences of the rights of child victims to seek the truth about crimes perpetrated by teachers, religious, Scout leaders, rabbis, ministers, lay persons and priests. The Catholic Church has actively participated in shielding pedophile priests and is afraid that passage of this bill will expose the truth. They should be afraid. Time and again the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church has acted in a criminal manner to safeguard pedophile priests in their ranks.

The passage of similar legislation in Delaware and California revealed the depth of the problem of children being targeted for sexual crimes by trusted members of the community. While the Catholic Church threatens the use of strong arm tactics on legislators and cries that this act will bankrupt the church, no such threats were carried out in those states that passed similar legislation to protect children. In fact, the only attempt to file for bankruptcy was in the Diocese of San Diego. The judge in that case threw out the Diocese request because the Diocese was not forthcoming on all their assets and the judge saw right through the ploy by the Diocese to avoid having to pay settlements.

Everyone knows someone in New York.  Get the word out and help this legislation get through the Assembly and Senate in Albany by telling your representatives that you support the protection of children in the Empire State.

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