This is not a Survivors’ Competition

When did this become a competition?  Where do people think they have the right to judge and make assumptions about other victims?  Who has the right to say whether someone has done enough?  What is the point?

One of the downsides of writing a blog are the comments or emails that come from a certain element who have decided that, for whatever reason, they are more important or have been affected more deeply by abuse at the hands of clergy or nuns than anyone else in the universe.  These individuals seem to be shouting at the tops of their lungs and yet their message is lost in the vitriol that is spewed with their words.  I have been receiving emails from a couple of “victims” that spend more time maligning other people than making constructive recommendations on how to move the survivors’ cause forward to help make a change to protect children in the future and force an accounting for wrongs committed in the past by pedophiles and their protectors.  These individuals make outrageous claims of closing down hundreds of Catholic Churches and challenge any and all comers to an exchange of ridiculous insults.  It is all static on the net and it has no place in the conversation to end abuse by clergy.

It is pretty clear that when an individual resorts to attacks on other survivors to make their argument, they make it pretty clear that they have no argument to begin with.  They seem to be taking a page from the Catholic Church’s bully play book.  All the emails, full of insults and challenges designed to draw the recipient into a mindless exchange of personal attacks, are not worth the time or the effort needed to respond.  The solution here is to use the gifts that Bill Gates gave us all and employ the feature that allows us to immediately delete the email from the source without ever having to read the desperately insulting message contained within.  As for this blog, I will delete any comment that fails to move the conversation forward.  You have the right to say what is on your mind and  I have the right not to listen.

When it comes down to it, there is no competition among survivors with respect to who has had the most horrendous story.  Even one violation is one too many and there are not points awarded for recurring attacks.  If you hold that you have had it worse than anyone else and that you are right where everyone else in the world is wrong or has not done enough for you, I wish you luck and I wish you peace.   I have no beef with you or your position.  I have no desire to shut down every Catholic Church in the United States.  I am interested in getting the Catholic Hierarchy to come clean on all of the abuse and acknowledge their role in protecting pedophiles and obstructing justice for every victim, including the victims who are focusing their attacks on other survivors.  It seems that our goals and objectives are different.  I can live with that.

I have absolutely no interest in engaging in an exchange of insults.  It is a waste of my time.  I am not going to participate.   Any valid points you may have are lost in a message so heavily laced with hatred and disrespect.

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