WBRE Coverage of Martino Resignation

Martino, Dougherty Officially Announce Resignations

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Coverage of the resignation of the Bishop of Scranton from PAHOMEPAGE.com and the news team at WBRE, Channel 28.

The reason cited for the resignation of the bishop was his health. I am sure that there is much more to the story. As I have stated in the past, and have provided proof from the Diocese of Scranton’s own paperwork, “health issues” are a convenient excuse for removal of priests from their positions. It seems that it can apply to the bishop as well. It is tough to listen to him say how well he feels and then a few minutes later lament that health is the reason for his stepping down. As with anything from this diocese, there are many mixed messages and many unanswered questions.

Like many others, I await for the real story of this resignation to come out.

4 thoughts on “WBRE Coverage of Martino Resignation”

  1. Michael, Thanks for all your posts and insights into what is happening in the Diocese of Scranton, especially for detailing the additional pain caused to survivors of priest sex crimes by this Diocese’s negligence. “Crippling physical fatigue” and “insomnia” are just two of the many long term effects on childhood victims, welcome to the club Joseph Martino. Maybe the diocese should treat Martino like other survivors and authorize 4 visits to a therapist. He should be all better by then and ready to go get a job.

  2. Well, it must affect your health when you cover up horrendous sex crimes against children at the same time you are denying Communion to the Vice President. Martino must really need time at the spa to recover from all this. Um, Michael, wouldn’t you like to have some all expenses paid time at a retreat yourself? I sure would. The church should be sending the crime victims to the spas and retreats not these criminal bishops and priests. . . sigh, burning up in L.A. …

  3. Click to access 20071108-TL-Monsignor_%20Church%20let%20abuse%20go%20on.pdf

    I find it interesting that Monsignor Bambera selected to fill in for the exiting bishop, is the same cleric who testified that he took Al Libertore at his word when rumors of Liberatore’s conduct surfaced at St. Pius X seminary. That seminary is now the retreat center where Martino will be living. If that’s what the Church has to offer for leadership, no wonder people are leaving.

    I wonder if the good IHM sisters get the option of living in a retreat?

  4. I wonder if the fall off in donations to the Bishop’s Appeal was a factor. A lot of the parishes in the Valley gave only half of their goal. With people cutting back on their donations and stopping going to Mass, I think the bishop was given a message. One thing that amazes me is that in his statement, Bishop Martino talked about a “New Evangelization.” If they think what they are doing is evangelization, they are surely in denial. At least he showed humility in saying, “I seek forgiveness from anyone whom I may not have served adequately as Bishop, due to my human limitations.” The whole thing is just very sad. In a way I feel sorry for him and surely wish him good health.

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