Coming Soon… A Survivors’ Blog Roll

I have decided to take on a project in an effort to gather together the voices of people blogging on the topic of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults.  I am not limiting this to survivors of abuse by priests.  This is going to be open to any blogger who wishes to put their blog up in a “blog roll” that showcases their work along with that of others.  I want to use the power of the blogosphere to bring the various voices on this topic out in a place where interested readers can read a broader spectrum of blog offerings in a centralized location.  Currently there is no such Blog Roll for our community.

This is not meant to compete with Abuse Tracker, the blog by Kathy Shaw that brings together the news of the day in addition to selected blog posts that tell the continuing story of the Sex Crime Crisis in the Catholic Church and other religious communities.  What I am envisioning is a collection of blogs offering opinions, sometimes differing, outside of the established and narrowly focused organizational websites that are putting forward particular agendas.  I want to bring the individual survivor who is blogging to a more prominent position that will enable their voice to find a larger audience. 

I have turned to some professionals in the field that are putting together a proposal for me to build this Blog Roll for Survivors.  I will post the link to this as soon as we can get the coding done.  I am shooting for an early November launch.  I am looking at the list of blogs in the left rail navigation of this page as the basis for the initial launch of the new site.  I may, after I get the kinks worked out on this concept, offer a place where guest bloggers, who do not have their own blogs online,  can put up a single or occasional blog posts.  I need to look at some legal issues and my own time constraints before I commit to that.  For now, let’s call that phase II of this concept.  I want Phase I up and running first. 

If you have a blog on this topic or you know someone who does, and you think this is a good idea, please let me know.  Send me a comment or an email and let me know what you think or if you have a suggestion.  I am all ears. Also, if you have a suggestion on what I should call the site send that along.

I put a down payment on this project so I am committed.  Please help me populate the new site by sending me a link to your blog or by passing this to anyone you know who blogs on Survivor topics.

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is to try to get the survivor community united and our collective voices heard.  I think something like this is long overdue and I am taking this on myself because no one else was willing or able to do it.

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon… A Survivors’ Blog Roll”

  1. Thank you, you know I want to be on the Blog Roll as City of Angels Blog is still producing 3-4 stories a week at minimum. I almost always post news that has been covered nowhere else about pedophile priests, and Abuse Tracker and SNAP both ignore my work. Michael, you may be creating a genuine network here, we certainly do not currently have one.

    Thanks for spending your own cash on it as well.

    1. Kay – You are already on my list for the first group to be added once we have the content management system and the coding worked out.

  2. Thank you, Michael, I really appreciate it! I know of some others who blog on SA, not necessarily clergy- I’ll see if they want to be included.

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