Go Lackawana Article

Not a lot of time to write today.  I am off on a mission for work and the hours are grueling.    I am only on long enough to send you the link for an article on Go Lackawanna, a website based in Northeast Pennsylvania for which I was interviewed.

2 thoughts on “Go Lackawana Article”

  1. Hi Michael…I read the whole article and it was good. the part I liked best was where you said;Quote “I have no interest in reforming the Catholic Church. I have more of an interest in reforming the laws to protect children from predators like this. I’m interested in reforming laws to make sure that anyone who protects a pedophile that knows about crimes that have been committed against either vunerable adults or children and does nothing about it is prosecuted.” AMEN!!

    The Roman Catholic Church will never change unless it is taken to the World Court and found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. (there are so many instances of lying, cheating and manipulating everything they (supposedly ) stand for .The RCC Will Be Found Guilty! That’s my prayer.

    Plus their non- profit status is completley false, when you see what they have done with the “peoples money” over the millenium(s)

    Their measley donations to charities do not , over the years, make up for the loss of human dignity that has been delibertly snatched from them.

    Most of the money was wasted on the friviolous “things” that the clergy wanted for themselves and to be used to groom their victims.

    Lots of the people’s money went for lavish vacations to Rome saying they were going to school.
    Q. To be schooled in what?
    Ans. How to transfer a pedophile from parish to parish without any one finding out. Having their own boyfriends snuggled up in an apartment in NYC for twenty years?

    There is an attorney(out there) who is trying to sue the Pope for his client and take the RCC to the World Court. We must pray for him to be able to win this case for the innocents of God’s world. Defeat Satan one way or another. We’re both trying to do that in our own small way.

    Keep up the Good Work! I’m proud of you!

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