Priest gets 72 months

I am writing this from my hotel room in Seoul, South Korea. An email from a regular reader of this blog informed me that Robert Timchak has been sentenced to 72 months in a state penitentiary for possession of child pornography.

The article in the Times Leader that was sent to me was astounding. The people that stood up for Timchak seemingly excused his behavior as  the result of the closing of his parish school. I will have more to say about this when I get home this weekend.

Suffice it to say that while this predator is going to jail, there are more who still enjoy the support of the Diocese of Scranton.  There are more victims out there that do not enjoy the support from their church that Father Timchak received.  That speaks volumes!

We need to push for a change in Pennsylvania law to allow victims to seek justice and force the Diocese to open up and admit that they have supported predator priests. Until then, I recommend parishioners cut off the financial support they provide to the diocese.

More later when I get home to the U.S.

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