Child Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Blogroll is Operational

Two months ago I announced that I was going to set up a Blogroll to be a central location for the different voices in the blogosphere discussing the subject of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. This evening, with the help of a very talented young developer (thanks Matt!) we were able to launch “Child Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Blogroll”

I wanted to make it easy for the reader to find people around the country and around the world who are addressing topics that are important to survivors, their families and their friends. I wanted to create a resource for anyone supporting victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

We populated the new site with a few blogs that I am familiar with, that post regularly. The only way this will work is to have new information appearing on a regular basis. Currently the site is set up to refresh itself and add new content within an hour of a blogger updating their own site. The Blogroll will push the reader to the individual blogs. It is not designed to grab your posts and make appear in their entirety on the new site. I think you should get the page views on your blog for your work.

I would like to put more blogs into the mix.  If you are a blogger on this topic, go to the Contact Page on the new site and send me your information. I will consider all requests for adding appropriate blogs to the feed. There is no fee to add a blog to the blogroll. There is no fee to maintain your blog on the rolls. Once you are in, you are in.  I will ask that if you are included in the feed you create a link on your blog to the site so that we can build readers and contributors.

Go and take a look, tell me what you think and offer any suggestions you may have. I consider this a work in process.

2 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Blogroll is Operational”

  1. I am so sorry for what you endured from Father Gibson. I was shocked. I knew him to be a good man. I was also abused by a priest in Scranton. It has been with me all my life. I hope that priest suffers as he should. Now I have to figure out how to feel about Father Gibson, who I trusted and admired and never heard a negative word about. I am 57 yrs. old. I will pray for your peace of mind.

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