Many changes…

This is a blogospheric (a new word is born) place holder. 

The last few months have seen many changes in almost every aspect of my life.  I will probably get to most of them in the coming weeks.  I have some things to say, some things to think on and some goals to accomplish and I will use this blog to help me sort it out. 

For some reason, even though I have not posted regularly in the past few months, the number of readers coming to the blog has not really fallen off.  I don’t really understand that, but that will probably sort itself out. 

I am going to start taking a separate tact here for a while.  It will focus on surviving and not being a victim.  I will be working on things to help me put baggage down and move on.  I am widening the aperture to get a bigger perspective.  No longer will I be throwing “blog rocks” at stained glass windows. although I will be happy to point out the folly and failure of the Catholic’s hierarchy. 

There is a fork in the road and I am taking it (Yogi Berra will forgive me).

2 thoughts on “Many changes…”

  1. I just love your new perspective on you. You are a survivor and a great one. You tell it like it is and so do I.

    Today is my ( husband Tom and our ) 60th wedding anniv.
    We’ve been OUT ten yrs to the day… on leaving the Catholic church! And God has blessed us and shown us at every turn, that our decision was the correct one. HE re-enforces and confirms us daily.

    I continue to write (blog) why we left and why it is necessary not to be “driving the get-a-way-car” in these “Crimes Against Humanity”, that are still continuing to this very day, by ommissions, lies and the sacrificial spiritual murders of our precious innocents.

    We will be judged accordingly to what and who we give our hearts to.

    Luckily we took a different path while we were still caholics and were Baptised in the Holy Spirit. We couldn’t have stayed ,as we knew there had to be more. It changed our lives and those of our 4 children.

    We were involved in a Catholic Charismatic Community(out of Notre Dame, Kevin Ranahan) that allowed other than Catholics to join us. It was very important. at the time to us, to do that. We were there about 10 yrs. and . left them (community)as they were getting too controlling and shutting out believers.

    Bevleaqua, was a Monsignor, I think, at the time and we thought highly of him as he joined the Charismatic Movement of the 70’s. . No more good thinking about him now! He has been crediblly accused of many shamefull things, on many levels too numerous to mention. Google him.. So also 5 pedophiles from our Church of St. Maria Goretti, Scottsdale, Az. (not all there at the same time)

    At first we were shunned by Catholics and Priests for believing in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but ( when they allowed themselves), they loved the freedom of Praising God in a prayer group and really getting into what God really wants of HIS Children, they loved it. But inevitably they had to begin the control of the RCC hierarchy and it changed.

    We left.!! !We had many friends but knew God didn’t want this for us. We knew it was right to leave but it felt like a divorce ,as they didn’t like us to leave.but didn’t want us if we weren’t with them. That’s a Roman Catholic thing I guess I was a convert at age 12 and a great appologist for the RCC while i was there. I wouldn’t have joined the Movement if a priest friend hadn’t joined too. Needless to say it was a confusing and a sad thing to go through. But HE never left us , or forsook us.

    .Now I find out that a priest friend that was a charismatic, was also just accused of pedophilia.and has been ousted. It never ends.

    We will not aid and abett the devil. We choose God the Father , Son and Holy Spirit.He is deep within us and everyplace in the Universe that HE made for us. We Praise HIM! .

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