Unbiblical Agendas and other things that go bump in the night…

In the queue for unapproved comments for this blog, I have submissions from June 2011 that at first surprised me, but now they serve as proof that people with mean spirits, baseless opinions and a hatred for those people or organizations that challenge the status quo will wrap themselves in religion to support their narrow points of view and the vitriol they spew.

My case in point is “Sybil” who first sent in a comment on one of my posts.  She begins:

After discovering that SNAP and several other sexual abuse advocacy groups are connected with unbiblical agenda (abortion, LBGT activists) groups, I was disillusioned. Predatory sinful priests do not in any way change God’s word on holiness, chastity and purity. In a sick way, they actually prove God’s Word is true. Why would sinful sex acts against children cause such damage and disorient them unless sin means trespass, violation, disorientation, harm, trauma in Scripture?”

The first sentence grabs me.  SNAP and other advocacy groups are connected with unbiblical agendas.  OK, let’s establish that any organization that challenges the Catholic way of thinking is operating on an “unbiblical agenda” (note:  adjust your sarcasm meters again folks, it is right next to the “any key” on your key board) Yes, the people who support justice and a full accounting of sexual crimes committed by priests against children and vulnerable adults are, by definition, an abortion advocate or tolerant of alternate lifestyles and should not be taken seriously.  Ignore the message, paint the messenger as evil.  Got it!  Message received!

Sin is so destructive that it re-wires, de-coordinates parts of the brain. Science has shown that the effects of trauma is visible in a PET scan“.

I will assume that Sybil has a background in nuclear medicine or that she has, at least,  been through the security screening at PetsMart.  She goes on for a while about how rapist priests did not have a father to love them or that they were seduced by the devil or some other reason why Catholic doctrine is not to blame.  We will call this the “Blah, Blah, Blah” portion of comment 1.  Yes Sybil I tuned you out.  But you kept writing, impatient that I was not posting your epistles on my blog.  On to comment #2.

Mr. Baumann (points awarded for spelling my name correctly-mbb) I see you deleted my comment. ( Nope I still have your comments!- mbb) I meant to come back and explain why many abuse victims become attracted to people of the same sex. The trauma of abuse is so great, an interpersonal trauma, that it derails their identity or self-concept. The enemy of our souls uses even the most unjust and vile trespasses and violations against us to defile and destroy us. It is tragic to mistake the priesthood for the true redemptive and healing Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Jesus and to reject and rebel against His true pattern and design because we were hurt. We may reject and rebel against God’s Word. Many women turn to other women after the trauma of divorce. This is a fleshly, not a spiritual response. Same with boys who were sexually assaulted…they may become serial adulterers or homosexual or child abusers, all to try to fix their pain themselves – another fleshly response. Our fleshly responses only increase our hurt and potential for harming ourselves and others. There is only one healer and helper and redeemer. If we choose His way, we are set free.

Is everyone still with me?  Sybil is, no doubt an expert on psychology as well as nuclear medicine.  She will diagnose all of us and throw in divorced women, for added measure, on the heap of  pathetic humanity in need of  Sybil’s motherly guidance.  I think “the enemy of our souls’ may be channeling his/her energy through Sybil’s computer. 

Why is it that I attract the Catholic Crazies?  If you cannot accept that your church has protected pedophiles, despite overwhelming recent and historical data, or that your church has attacked victims in their effort to avoid scandal, kindly save your uninformed and slightly wacky comments for the ultra conservative catholic love fest blogs.  I am sure you are reading them on a daily basis.



1 thought on “Unbiblical Agendas and other things that go bump in the night…”

  1. Michael..I agree with you. The Devil is a very cunning entity…Confusion is his name.along with Decietful, lying, varmit.etc… There are more names but we must keep our eyes on Christ Jesus “The Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind”. L & BP “g” Keep up the good work.

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