It is still happening in the Diocese of Allentown

‘We are still transferring priests that molest children?’ judge asks in sentencing Allentown Diocese priest for groping a 17-year-old girl 

A link shared on Facebook by Catholics4Change.  I thought I would pass this along for the benefit of all those churchgoing types that have been telling me that all this is in the past.  You know who you are, the folks telling me to leave the church alone.

“If he had been sanctioned and fired, this victim would not be a victim.”

Click on the link, read the story.   Catholic priest Kevin Lonergan was sentenced Monday for groping a 17-year-old parishioner and sending her lewd photos. The Bishop of Allentown moved “Father Lonergan” from another parish where he had done the same thing to another underage girl.  To add insult to injury, a large group of parishioners came in a show of support for this lowlife.  These same “good Catholics” had turned on this girl and her family who courageously came forward so that this would not happen again.  The judge let those supporters have it in court.

Lonergan had a large crowd of supporters in the courtroom. Dantos said parishioners who have turned against the girl and her family for coming forward should be ashamed.

“There is no churchgoing person who should be supporting your actions. Period,” she told Lonergan.

So we have all the elements playing out still in the Diocese of Allentown:

  • The Diocese moving a perp around instead of kicking his sorry ass to the curb and exposing another girl to being a victim
  • A priest who thinks he is above the law with a hierarchy willing to protect him
  • Parishioners supporting a priest who molested a girl while ostracizing the victim

It is 2020 and this is still going on.  Kevin Lonergan, enjoy prison.  I hope you will be very popular.

As for the parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Allentown who came to court to support their priest at the expense of the victim and her family, all I have to say is “Go to Hell!”  (I cleaned that up from my original draft.)



1 thought on “It is still happening in the Diocese of Allentown”

  1. newly ordained, same crap – too many supporting this behavior in their priests. At least two survivors, how many are still afraid especially after this demonstration of support for this criminal/sexually a criminal under Megan’s Law.They didn’t notice this behavior before ordination? Nothing in his profile? Need to support these survivors as their families go through hell when they try as I was told – need to speak out or it will happen again

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