Another Round with The Angry Catholic

Earlier this week, I was interviewed on The Angry Catholic for their weekly Podcast. This is my second time on-air with Kris and Paul (The Angry Catholic). The first time was in March 2020, after another survivor and I crashed a panel discussion at the University of Scranton to listen to representatives of the Diocese of Scranton talk about empowering survivors. Let’s just say that those representatives of Bishop Bambera were less than forthcoming with the truth. You can hear my first interview with Kris and Paul on The Angry Catholic episode 59.

In the episode that will be available at noon on Saturday, 12 February, I was invited to come and discuss the Survivors’ Perspective panel discussion held at the University of Scranton in November 2020. I helped Dr. Teresa Grettano (Director of the Ellacuria Initiative) and Dr. Christian Krokus (Co-Chair of the Healing, Reconciliation and Hope Task Force 2018-2020) pull this event together. I was a panel member alongside Shaun Dougherty, the President of SNAP, Kristen Ciaccia from The Angry Catholic, and Professor Brian Cites from Case Western Reserve University. We also discussed other topics related to how survivors are treated by the Bishops and how survivors are not all the same.

You can still view the Survivors’ Perspectives Panel Discussion on Zoom thru May 2022. The University of Scranton has agreed to keep it available through the end of their 2022 Spring Semester.

You can listen to The Angry Catholic Podcast (my interview should be episode 155) beginning the afternoon of 12 February 2022. I download it from Spotify, but it should be available from the usual sources of Podcasts. I am sure the “boys in black” on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton will be tuning in.

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