Come Spend a “Scandal Free” St. Patrick’s Day in Scranton, PA!

I follow what is happening in Scranton through the Scranton Times – Tribune Website, and yes, I specifically mine the site for any nuggets of information that pertain to the Diocese and sexual abuse cases.  Sometimes the site yields other gems on the goings on in the Electric City.  For instance, on February 19th, the headline read “Hot Topic:  Bishop Warns Irish Planners in Scranton”.  It seems the Bishop is determined to “prevent scandal”, at a St Patrick’s Parade. Good luck with that!  Today’s headline “…Parade will comply with bishop’s abortion-rites ban” shows that the Diocese still has a grip on the important things in life.

According to the article, the diocese issued a letter warning Irish American groups that the bishop may close St. Peters Cathedral during St Patrick’s Day celebration if pro choice honorees are selected to march or speak in the parade. The letter was signed by the Auxiliary Bishop of Scranton, the Most Reverend John M. Dougherty. Dougherty, now that is a fine Irish Irish name. Nice touch, don’t you think?

The Diocese of Scranton is willing to shut down churches, deny daily mass and bully Irish American groups, even those that are not Catholic organizations, to “prevent scandal”. This is the same organization that supports hiding pedophile priests. I think that they might have their “prevent scandal” priorities a wee bit out of whack.

I think it would be a fine idea to gather victims of sex crimes committed by Catholic Priests in the Diocese of Scranton and invite us to march in the Parade. I can claim Irish heritage,I could easily be sporting the green for the day. Do you think that the bishop, through his auxiliary bishop (the one with the Irish surname), would close the cathedral to “prevent scandal” if we all showed up to support our Irish Heritage and draw attention to the issue of Priest Sexual abuse in the Diocese of Scranton?

The Parade is going to be held on Saturday March 14, 2009. For information on the Parade please see the Scranton St. Patrick’s Day Parade website

Maybe there will be some surprises this year!  Erin Go Bragh!

3 thoughts on “Come Spend a “Scandal Free” St. Patrick’s Day in Scranton, PA!”

  1. Man oh man! What a nutty story! You have got that right…the RC Church is trying to manipulate the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade due to a twisted view of its own authority over a civil issue which IT regards as a mainstream issue to its survival? Has anyone ever proven that life begins at conception? I did not think so.

    It is time for the Catholic Church to be drug kicking and screaming into the second half of the 19th Century. I will settle for that right now.

    Tom Barnes

  2. Imagine that….I could be in your parade. The priest who heard my first confession and gave me first communion was messing with my older sister. Of course that was put under the rug. Wouldn’t want the truth to come out.

  3. I was always a Catholic but am also a firm believer in the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. It is easy to see that Bishop Martino was never schooled in this principle. I rarely attend mass anymore due to the number of Catholic Priests that were convicted of child molestation over the years, not to mention the others that were hidden by the Hierarchy…Millions and millions of dollars have been paid out in lawsuits over these hideous acts, it is no wonder that the Catholic Churches are in such a state of monetary disarray. I am also guessing that Martino’s memory is failing when it comes to these former transgressions. It may be possible that Bishop Martino would feel much better if a few of his former “PP” touchers were Grand Marshal of ths Saint Patrick’s Day Parade OR Guest Speakers at College Miserecordia !!!!

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