Myths and Truths

The Zalkin Law Firm in New York has come up with a very interesting analysis of 8 top storylines promoted by the Leadership of the Catholic Church in their lobby efforts to defeat the Child Victim’s Act of New York.

They have debunked the key arguments set forward by Catholic Leaders across the country as they try to shirk their responsibilities to protect children and expose predator priests.

The following are the 8 storylines.  Click on the link and you will be taken to the part of the Zalkin site that shows the illegitimacy of each respective storyline.

Storyline #1: “We did not know then what we know today”
Storyline #2: “It is not fair to hold Bishops of today accountable for the behavior of others.”
Storyline #3: “We are going to go bankrupt!”
Storyline #4: “We will no longer be able to carry on charitable works.”
Storyline #5: “We will have to close schools and sell churches.”
Storyline #6: “These revival statutes are targeted to the Catholic Church: it is unfair not to include the
public schools that are or were just as bad.”

Storyline #7: “This is all about greedy trial lawyers who have made millions”
Storyline #8: “We have addressed the problem.”

This is very interesting reading with detailed, cited evidence to support why the Catholic Hierarchy is full of it.

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