On Faith…

In a column called “On Faith” on the Washington Post website, a writer by the name of Susan Jacoby took on the subject of evasive apologies from Pope Benedict XVI for a number of issues.

Obviously, near and dear to my heart is the subject of the Catholic Church accepting responsibility and taking meaningful corrective action against not only the pedophile priests but against the people that have protected and enabled them.

The article rings true on lower levels with Bishops who offer similarly evasive and empty apologies and claim that they are doing all that they can. The fact is that they are not doing anything.

I recommend you read the article. I also recommend that you ignore a large number of the comments that accompany that article as they really have nothing to do with the content of the article.

Thanks to Becky Ianni for making me aware of this article.

“On Faith” Column by Susan Jacoby from the Washington Times website

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