SNAP Event in Albany, New York on 2 June 2009

The Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is staging an event in Albany, New York on June 2 at the State Capital. You do not need to be a resident of the Empire State to participate in this event. As a child I was brought to New York City by Father Gibson so I am endorsing this event to anyone who can support it ( See “Crossing the Line“).

Here is the text of the  email from Barbara with the details and information for Delaware victims:

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Dear Survivors, Supporters and Friends:

While the info below is related to Delaware and New York, we are sending this to several other states as well. We know people move and so even if you now live in one state, chances are it is different from where you grew up. Or, you may know of someone abused in DE or NY and may be able to give them this important information. (Also, sometimes our perpetrators took us into another state to go to the beach, or for a retreat, etc. but usually abused us in our hometown – even if it only happened one time in DE or NY that is enough!) Please spread the word and do all you can to help!


Barbara Blaine                             David Clohessy
SNAP President                           SNAP National Director


Know anyone who was abused as a child in the state of New York? We need your help one more time in New York. There are two ways you can help.

1. Come to Albany on Tuesday, June 2 for Lobby Day. (We’ll meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Liberty Café near the Albany Room).

2. Even if you can’t travel to Albany, you can still help by submitting childhood photos of victims in New York to

If you send in a photo, but would like to remain anonymous, we can put a black box or bar covering your eyes to protect your identity, but still show that you were young and innocent. (Please scan the photo in jpegs of high quality – if you aren’t sure of the quality of scanning in your home please consider going to Kinkos for this! The photos will be enlarged and most start off with low quality, considering the era of when our childhood photos were taken, so please take the energy to do this and if necessary, submit the receipt from Kinkos and we’ll reimburse you the costs.) Please state where in NY the abuse took place (whether by county, city, or general region). Also, it would be helpful if you can say the age you were when you were abused and what relation to you the predator was, e.g. uncle, foster parent, clergy member, priest, rabbi, minister, counselor, coach, scout leader, etc. Buffalo, Abused at age 12 by scout leader. Long Island, Abused at age 16 by uncle.

Lastly, please include a statement indicating that you give permission for your childhood photo to be included in a display at the Capitol in Albany New York or for other purposes to educate about the sexual abuse of children – and add a date.


Know of anyone abused in Delaware? Even one time? Please spread the word.

Delaware’s landmark two-year civil window – The Child Victims’ Act – will close in July.

If you or someone you know were sexually abused as a child in or around the state of Delaware (certain areas on Maryland’s eastern shore are eligible), you may have rights under this law.

Why should you consider using the civil courts?

— You can expose your perpetrator in the civil justice system,
— You can share your story and seek healing,
— You can warn the community where your perpetrator lives about the risk he/she poses,
— You can hold your perpetrator and the men and women who protected him/her accountable,
— You can help other victims (who think they are all alone) realize that what happened to them was not their fault,
— You can expose people who enabled and facilitated child molesters, and
— You can help ensure that what happened to you never happens to another child.

The decision to file a lawsuit is a difficult one. But this may be the only chance many survivors have to make sure that their perpetrator is stopped. In California, victims exposed approximately 300 men and women who hurt kids. You may help save a life or help another victim!

A reputable attorney will discuss all of your options with you. He or she will also allow you the option of pulling out of your case at any time if the stress is too much – at no cost to you. Many California victims contacted us just after a similar window of opportunity closed in that state. It was heartbreaking for them to learn they waited too long. Please know that the deadline won’t be extended. You can file a case and still remain anonymous and back out later if necessary.

Please know that sex crime victims have a right to anonymity. Your identity will be made known to the predator but not to the general public. If you have questions or concerns, please investigate and learn the answers now.

But whatever you do, please do not wait until it is too late.

Tim Echausse, 516 987 7089
Barbara Blaine, 312 399 4747
Beth McCabe, 860 335 8187
Joelle Castiex, 949 322 7434

1 thought on “SNAP Event in Albany, New York on 2 June 2009”

  1. Markey’s recent revision has turned her into just one more betrayer of trust. Those of us who have carried the wounds and scars the LONGEST are now prevented from seeking justice in the coming window.

    Either she’s been threatened or it’s all politics or both. Either way, there will be many serious reactions to this betrayal. One more on top of the others.

    Cait Finnegan
    Poconos, PA

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