Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA) Action Alert

The Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse (FACSA) has issued an “Action Alert” to garner support for the NY Child Victims Act (NY Assembly Bill 2596). If you are a victim who was abused in New York (even if you are not a resident of that state), know someone that was or are just concerned about the continuing sexual exploitation and abuse of children please consider writing to the state legislators listed below.

If you need to understand why this bill is important, the NY Coalition to Protect Children has a website that explains better than I can.

The text of the FACSA Action Alert follows:

Urgent Action Needed on NY Child Victims Act

In the next 2 days your action could help get the NY Child Victims Act (NY Assembly Bill 2596) passed.

There is a bill in the New York Assembly that has a chance to extend the statute of limitations on child sex abuse and to open a one year window to allow survivors to have a chance for justice. The NY Catholic Conference is promoting a competing bill which extends the statute of limitations minimally and does not have a window. It is imperative that NY Legislators hear from survivors and their supporters. Please call or email the people on the list below and share this email with everyone you know who cares about children.


These following members of the New York Assembly may be on the fence about the Child Victims Act. It is imperative that they hear from victims and their supporters to encourage them to vote yes on this bill.

Ron Canestrari 518-455-4474

RoAnn M. Destito 518-455-5454

John J. McEneny 518-455-4178

Audrey I. Pheffer 518-455-4292

Robert Reilly 518-455-5931

Marc Alessi 518-455-5294

Carl Heastie 518-455-4800

Sam Hoyt 518-455-4886

William Magee 518-455-4807

Joseph Morell 518-455-5373

Alec Brook-Krasny 518-455-4811

Joan K. Christensen 518-455-5383

Andrew Hevesi 518-455-4926

Naomi Rivera 518-455-5844

Kenneth Zebrowski 518-455-5735

Francine DelMonte 518-455-5284

Mark Weprin 518-455-5806

William B. Magnarelli 518-455-4826

Michael Benedetto 518-455-5296

Adam Bradley 518-455-5397

Grace Meng 518-455-5411

Michael G. DenDekker 518-455-4545

Frank K. Skartados 518-455-5762

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