It keeps happening in the Diocese of Scranton

An email from a reader alerted me to yet another priest that has been relieved of duties in a parish in the Diocese of Scranton. In a report from the Times Leader, a priest was removed after he attempted to project an informational DVD about the annual diocesan fundraiser on October 25th. Allegedly four photographs of “minimally attired adult males” were displayed.  Bill Genello,   spin master for the Diocese of Scranton, announced that the photos were not pornographic.  Well thank goodness for that!

Father Edward Lyman was removed as administrator of St. Anthony, St. Bridget and St. John the Baptist parishes in Throop, Pennsylvania. The current whereabouts of Father Lyman are unknown.

At some point the parishioners of the Diocese of Scranton need to start demanding accountability from the Diocese. I don’t know what the last straw will be. These people have rallied behind priests that have abused, molested and raped children. They have supported priests with child pornography on church computers and they have tolerated priests that have had inappropriate relationships with adult parishioners. What does it take? I am at a loss.

I would love to see an independent investigation into the Diocese and their policies to determine if the parishioners, particularly the children are safe. The diocese will not take responsible action. It seems that bishop after bishop has failed to take proactive steps to set standards and turn over priests who have violated the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States to appropriate authorities.

Local District Attorneys and the U.S. Attorney should look into the continuing saga of sexual crimes against both children and vulnerable adults, fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice on the part of the Chancery, all the way to the office of the Bishop. (I know the Diocese of Scranton is currently without their own shepherd, I could argue that has been the case for decades…)

I would hope that law enforcement officials got a look at the laptop to determine if child pornography laws were broken before the IT gurus wiped all the evidence from the hard drive. Given the chance, I have no doubt that the diocese will destroy evidence to protect itself.

Where ever Father Lyman is, I hope he has been questioned thoroughly by law enforcement. If no crimes have been committed, I would hope the Diocese takes the appropriate sanctions against this priest if he has violated Diocesan rules. What will probably happen is that this guy will get shuffled to the next unsuspecting parish.

I wonder if Father Lyman is bunking in with Father Timchak, they seem to have a common interest in photography.

3 thoughts on “It keeps happening in the Diocese of Scranton”

  1. It Never Stops & It Never Ends. Those foolish people of the Catholic Church who keep talking about, “A Few Bad Apples”, are not keeping up with the number of priest predators and their victims. Those, “Few Bad Apples” now number in the thousands; and their Victims number in the hundreds of thousands. Lay Catholics keep themselves conveniently ignorant of these perverted crimes against the children, young people and vulonerable adults of Our Church. Educate Yourselves, Ladies & Gentlemen. WAKE UP….Stop Living In A Dream World.

  2. Okay one more time.

    As a victim of physical and sexual abuse and harrassment on several occasions as a child by nuns and a really odd, sort-of, kind-of attempted rape by a priest when I was drunk and in college (nothing really happened, I was not that drunk) I think we need to step back and reevaluate the situation.

    This ain’t about sex so much as it is about organizational behavior that allows predators of many types to hold incredibly powerful positions and therefore the organization actually abets and assists in this behavior by its very structure.

    Bishops, supervising priests, mother superiors, Brother Generals, abbots, etc. are more or less above suspicion and above control. The RC Church is truly operating in 2009 on a pre-medieval model based on the manor system in Europe. The clergy are the lords (that includes nuns as the ladies of the Manor) and the lay people are the serfs.

    This really is not that hard to understand. It is a structural problem more than anything else. We can hammer all day and all night at the RC Church for these abuses but they will never really stop until the Church adopts an actual structure of government which is accountable to the people who pay the bills.

    That has not happened yet. Until it does, there will be no behavioral changes from the Lords and Ladies of the Manor.

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