I believe in all paths to healing…

I believe that every survivor of sexual abuse, especially those who were attacked as children, needs to find some way to heal and move on with their life. There is no magic solution, there is no one path to a point where the past is in perspective and the baggage we carry can be put down. We all need to move on in our own way and at our own pace.

A few days ago there was a comment to one of my blog posts by Gretchen Paules, the Administrative Director of Let Go… Let Peace In Foundation promoting the organization’s website and goal to help people cope with the abuse they suffered as children. To quote the website:

The mission of Let Go, Let Peace Come In is to bring healing, support, and awareness to the hundreds of millions of adult childhood sexual abuse survivors and their families worldwide. We plan to enact change within the healthcare systems, political systems, and societies by teaching and educating through the current technologies. We will weave our message of peace, hope, recovery and happiness into the fabric of these societies by integrating published materials with video, audio and Internet media throughout the world. And we will raise money for a non-profit fund to provide the financial assistance necessary to start survivors of childhood sexual abuse on the path to recovery “one” survivor at a time.

For many of us, the hardest thing we have to do to start on the road towards healing and support is to actually tell the great terrible secret. I held on to my secret for over 30 years, during that time it slowly ate away at me. It also had a way of coming out in the form of risky behavior, unpredictability and isolation from the people who cared about me. We all need some help to sort out what has happened to us. This site offers a way to do that. It may motivate you to take steps towards finding some peace. Remember that your story is your own and no one who cares about you will diminish you once reach out for help.

You are not alone.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I believe in all paths to healing. I am all for any attempt to organize survivors and move them forward. I believe in the strength of numbers influencing laws and advocating for better counseling and education. I also believe that we can take a horrible part of our lives and turn it around for something good. I think we can raise awareness and maybe help to prevent a child from becoming the victim of a crime of sexual abuse.

I believe in all paths. Here is a path for you to explore.

1 thought on “I believe in all paths to healing…”

  1. They have a great website and a great mission, but know what, mike? There are way too many different non profits already. Right now there are about a jillion of them dealing with child abuse, and the law is set up so the only people they can support financially are other non profits. Every one of them, when you apply for a grant, the rule is, they have to see your 501c3 papers to give you a grant.

    So for me down here on the ground without even cash to pay for a 501c3 llicense, especially in Calif, you need more than a thousand dollars, all I see is a bunch of non profits that give money back and forth to each other and the people on the ground whose needs they have indeed set up the whole nonprofit for, are left still on the ground with little help.

    But the people who run the nonprofits are thriving.

    I can’t get excited hearing yet another person has paid and arranged and gotten their 501c3 so now they can fundraise legally. And afford to go to all the conferences and hand out business cards to the people who run other non profits.

    Maybe the way aruond this is to GO FOR PROFIT????

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