Father Gabriel, Former “Mr. Oregon”?

It seems that our favorite rogue priest is rather talented at misrepresenting himself on the internet.  He apparently is taking full advantage of his “computer skills”  and putting himself out there on-line.  Take this offering from his page on Classmates.com (sic):

After High School I work as a professional model and actor. In 1990 I was named “Mr. Oregon” and spent the next year representing the State of Oregon as a Jr. Embasador. Then I did something radical- I joined a monastery which is when I exchanged the name Brad for Gabriel. On June 29, 2002 I was ordained to the priesthood and was given permission by the Vatican to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass exclusily in Latin and according to the Missal of 1962. I have been blessed to travel around the world and am currently waiting for the plublication of my first book, entitled “Traditional Catholicism and the Renewal of Culture”. I have beeen the Pastor of St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church in York, PA since June. (stpeterandstpaulRCM.net)…

Notice he says he is the pastor of “St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church in York, PA”. One would think this is a sanctioned Roman Catholic parish, and yet it is not.   He is not a Catholic priest in good standing. Google his name and see why. Read this blog and see why.  I made a screen grab of the Classmates page, just to make sure I have it when he or his proxies (Chairman Dave) start protesting. For someone who claims he is not proficient in computer usage and who’s supporters claim was framed on charges related to kiddie porn,  he doesn’t seem to have any difficulty misrepresenting himself on-line.  How creepy is that photo?

Note to “Mr. Oregon”: “SPELL CHECK”!

This man is misrepresenting the facts, his words from his classmates page bear that out. He continues to be a potential threat to the children of the religious group that jealously defends him.  He is a potential danger to the children in the York, Pennsylvania community.

If anyone can shed light on this “reign” as Mr. Oregon, I am very interested in the story, especially if someone can clear up if it is fiction or non-fiction.

In case you have not heard:

The Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has advised the
Conference of its concerns regarding Fr. Gabriel Francis (Virgil
Bradley) Tetherow, an incardinated priest of the Diocese who
was arrested for possession of child pornography in March
2005. Fr. Tetherow’s case is pending before the Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith. It has recently come to the
attention of the Diocese that Fr. Tetherow is celebrating Mass
for apparently schismatic group in York, Pennsylvania. Fr.
Tetherow’s faculties were removed and he is forbidden to
engage in any public ministry. Those needing further
information are asked to contact James B. Early, Chancellor of
the Diocese of Scranton, at 570-207-2216.

“Father Gabriel” took a plea deal to avoid jail. According to court documents, there was ample evidence to convict.

8 thoughts on “Father Gabriel, Former “Mr. Oregon”?”

  1. Acting under the advice of expert legal counsel and that of a traditional priest who has provided spiritual direction to this Mission for many years, Fr. Tetherow was removed as chaplain of our religious society. He no longer offers Mass at our Chapel. This was done for cause. Fr. Peterson, to whom we owe so much, is now offering Mass on a regular basis until, God willing, we are able to have a priest that will serve the Mission’s interests and maintain the bond of charity that Fr. Tetherow could not support.

    The above was found on the website for Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Mission (www.saintspeterandpaulrcm.com) for Sunday, June 6, 2010. I ask that all who know of Fr. Tetherow continue to pray for health and well-being. He has been a man much maligned. If only more priests were as honest and holy as Fr. Tetherow, and not like these wannabes found in almost every parish across America. MD

  2. I have known Fr Tetherow since 1983. He is the best man I have ever known. He would NEVER hurt a child. He was there (as my good friend) for the birth of my child Adrian. He supported my child and me when we had no one and nothing. I support him now and am currently trying to reach him. God bless you if you are reading this Brad.

    1. Well Tanya, I respect your loyalty. But all evidence to the contrary seems to say that Brad/Virgil/Francis/Gabriel is not what he seems to be. Given his criminal record related to child porn and his removal from Catholic Ministry due to misconduct and the strange way he keeps changing his name, I would think twice about letting this guy anywhere near anything that you value.

  3. In my limited knowledge, any public ministry would also include anything having to do with school age children, especially after having been convicted of downloading child porn, a priest at that! Just the fact that he denied Vatican law and proceeded to gather his own mission parish is an outrage! The innocent are many times decieved, and this man is a master at that! God bless all that fall under his spell!

  4. lol this is hilarious. This is my uncle. No i dont agree with things that he believes(im not catholic) but goodness, people, im laughing out loud reading this. Hes not a predator…

  5. if viewing porn is enough to make you a predator then 90% of men in this country are criminals (payboy and other magazines are still doing good busness not to mention the sex stores and TV selling videos) the fact is he never laid a hand on the children…. the charge they got him on was the misuse of the computer for the deed. Virgil was untill that time a pillar of his community and being disgrased the law enforcment wanted to make an example of him…so did and to this day does the diosease of Scranton.he and his church see coruption in the modern (post – vatican two)Holy Roman Catholic Church and for that reason the modernists will not accept this pre vatican two style church. The shame is that it is not the church that is corrupt but the society that it serves. – R.J. friend of father with reservation because of the views of SS Peter and Paul RCM –

    1. It was child porn. CHILDREN! The charge he got a plea deal on was the misuse of the computer for the purpose of downloading child porn. Your statistics are as ridiculous as your plea that he is a good guy. Virgil was until that time able to to keep his dirty little secret. He misused his position. Of course the church and law enforcement went after him because he is a great man. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid!

      Give it a rest. I get it. You and others like you who follow these manipulative con artists have to swallow his story and buy their lines that they are being wrongly singled out. All will be fixed if we go back to Latin and no problems existed before the 1960’s. You know for a fact he has never laid a hand on a child? Have you been with him 24/7 for his entire life? Did you know he was using the name “Gabriel Possenti” on scoial media to try to hook up? The fact is he wants you to believe him. The fact is you know nothing. Fear not, he needs gullible people like you, RJ, to pay his bills, buy his BS and allow him to indulge his twisted vices.

      Keep enabling!

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