Virginia Legislative Update

While I was off in California on an assignment for work, some dedicated people were working hard on seeing that legislation in the Virginia State Assembly to expand the statute of limitation for survivors to find justice. HB 1476 Sexual abuse; limitations period, was passed unanimously in the State Assembly and had only limited opposition in the Senate. The text of the bill can be read here.

An article in the Washington Examiner details the passage of the bill in the Virginia State Assembly in Richmond. The bill gives survivors 20 years to file a civil action. The only public opposition to the bill came from the Catholic Church (Go Figure?!)

My thanks go out to Becky Ianni of Northern Virginia. Becky is the SNAP leader for Virginia who worked tirelessly to line up speakers and help move this legislation through.

The bill is now on the desk of Governor Bob McDonnell to sign, amend or veto. McDonnell, who is a Catholic himself, has not indicated which way he will go on the legislation currently before him. Jeff Caruso, the executive director of the Virginia Catholic Conference, has not indicated what the Catholic Church plans to do in order to persuade the Governor to veto the legislation. The Catholic Church, currently one of the largest institutional protector of rapists who target children, is sure to continue working to preserve its corporate policy of fighting legislation that would help to protect children and vulnerable adults in order to maintain their own wealth and status.

Send a note to Governor McDonnell and urge him to sign this legislation to allow victims an opportunity to seek justice and reveal the truth about those who protect child molesters and rapists. Email the Governor and tell him you want him to sign the legislation!

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