Is the PA House Judiciary Committee Chairman Protecting An Abuser?

There is a fight going on in the State Assembly in Harrisburg.   House Judiciary Committee Chairman Ron Marsico is opposed to Window Legislation that would allow a window to open for civil cases to be brought against pedophiles and other sexual predators who have committed crimes against children and vulnerable adults.    Marsico is a Catholic, so it is logical that he would like to protect his church.  Well, not really logical, perhaps it is understandable that he would bow to pressure from his church.

But I am thinking that there may be a more personal reason here.   A priest by the name of Guy Marsico was credibly accused of abusing a child and removed from ministry in the Harrisburg area.   Is it possible that Representative Ron Marsico is protecting a family member who would stand to face civil action if a window was opened?  This may not be political.  It could be very personal, family business.  I wonder what, if any,  the familial relationship is between the House Judiciary Chairman in Harrisburg and the  former priest assigned to St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Rohrerstown?

That would be a fairly huge conflict of interest and a slap at survivor’s of sexual abuse as children if it turns out that the peoples’ representative is putting the interests of a predator family member ahead of the protection of children and justice for victims of prior abuse.  I would love to know the answer!

House Bill 342 needs to get an up or down vote on the floor of the Pennsylvania State Assembly.

1 thought on “Is the PA House Judiciary Committee Chairman Protecting An Abuser?”

  1. I am the person whom was sexually abused by the Fr. Guy Marsico. When an article was written, in 2011 ( I believe ), about the abuse by Guy done to me, myself as well as the reporter whom did the news article for Penn News in Mechanicsburg, both wondered as to the possibility of a family connection. Possibly a triangle scenario of sorts. House Judiciary committee chairman Marsico, as well as the former removed priest Marsico and, the third possible part to complete the triangle, if factual was our present Attorney General for PA, Atty. General Marsico. As a teen, and as I was told stories, of family, by Father Guy, I was told often that he had a “nephew”, I believe, nephew who worked in government. That would be the Pa Attorney General Marsico. The reporter assured me that the story is not complete, and I was not sure 100%, what she was referring to, but today, I believe, I do now know. They, I believe are ALL RELATED.

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